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Thinking of you! 
awww awesome! What a beautiful name. 
Oh my goodness, what a terrifying story! I am so glad he is safe & happy in his mommy's arms. Amazing! 
Thank you everyone! All replies have been very helpful. His pediatrician didn't say anything about the penis either way except to say "And we're not circ'ing him, correct?" He wasn't born in the US so I automatically assumed he'd be a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and he may be but he had nothing to say about it either way.    Thanks Mcatlvr it definitely wasn't an easy decision but I don't regret it. I'll keep the breastmilk thing in mind as...
I can only give my experience but I've always birthed at a hospital so as far as that aspect I won't be a lot of help. I had retained placenta with my first three births. This time, on my fourth birth, I was concerned about it happening again so my OB and I discussed it at length. A bag of pitocin was hung as soon as DS was born and my OB also encouraged me to nurse. The other key factor was that he WAITED and didn't start pulling on the cord when the placenta was...
Awww congratulations!! I can't wait to hear the story and see pics! I hope the transition continues to be smooth, going from one to two definitely is a lot of fun. 
Odd title, I know. I couldn't come up with anything else though.    I have three sons, the latest was born four days ago. He's the first baby we haven't decided to circumcise. I told my husband I am completely ignorant when it comes to au naturale penises. (Peni?) Anyway... Is it supposed to be slightly red on the end? What is normal...how is it supposed to look...what do I have to look out for? I've been doing the "wash it like a finger" thing...but I've just used...
  I'm sorry, I should not laugh but you are all cracking me up. 
She's SO cute & looks mature somehow!!  I think what I mean is she looks wise. What a dolly. 
  My niece and I with Moses     DS1 with Moses AKA DS3 (EEK)    
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