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Is it uncrunchy of me to say I still feel a tad bit scarred?  I'm PROUD of myself for doing it but -wow- I never realized how much it would truly hurt. I didn't think I'd ever swear in front of my mother. I'm in AWE of anybody who can do it silently...impossible for me. The nurses were gushing over how calm and together I was during labor and she told me "We hardly ever get to see somebody do it naturally anymore." So that was definitely fun to hear. I would probably do...
Yay!! Congrats!
Torturing? I dunno, it sounds a little overblown to me. I just got out of the hospital and my little guy screams his head off when I change his shirt. Babies cry. They don't like being messed with but I wouldn't take it as a sign of distress. As far as I know you can demand your baby be brought to recovery with you and your partner can assure that happens. Best of luck.
That is our EXACT situation. His three older siblings just descend upon him. LOL  
Has that ever happened to any of you? It still sort of bothers me that the contractions were so random...I feel like it was a fluke. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated that it wasn't incredibly painful and intense but I feel like it's this odd mystery or like I wasn't supposed to be in labor yet or something... 
Moses is almost two days old now and I'm definitely still adjusting! We just got home from the hospital earlier this afternoon and introduced him to two very excited brothers and one very excited sister. I'm nervous for how we will all adjust but am confident that we will find a way. I did send him to the nursery last night because I had had no sleep in two days and I'm concerned about developing PPD and wanted to get some bit of sleep. He did sleep in the hospital bed...
I'm so glad baby's here! Can't wait to hear your story. Congrats!
Updated in original post :)
My baby is here! Moses arrived at 7:24 am weighing 6 lbs 12 oz. My first unmedicated birth, in the hospital. update when we get home! He's an amazing nurser At about midnight on August 8th I started feeling some very very faint contractions, they were not unlike the false contractions I'd been having for weeks and weeks but when I went to the bathroom I had a bright red clot. Being 90 miles from the hospital and at my due date we decided to get on the road to get...
Congratulations!! I love his name!
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