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My due date is tomorrow. I'm emotionally fragile and feel your pain! I get 100 texts a day... "No baby yet?!" "He's going to be HUGE!"    *Grumble*   ^^   And that's putting it nicely!   At least we can comiserate. 
Woooo hooo!!!! Good luck Tamera!! 
Congratulations!! What a cute name!
I'm so crabby. DH was kissing my shoulder in bed a few minutes ago and I was gritting my teeth... poor man.
My baby's head was so low last week that I thought he would fall out soon. It was the lowest i've felt it and my cervix was completely anterior. I thought all systems were go... but nope, he went back up and today flipped to transverse again. I hope yours stays put down deep. When his head was low I could feel the bow bulging.
EEK! All I want is some mild storms with lots of rain so I don't have to feel guilty about not taking the kids outside...is that SO MUCH to ask?
For the past hour I've had contraction pain...very mild menstrual cramp pain but only on the right side by my hip and on my back... I haven't timed them or anything but they're fairly frequent. Is it possible to have real contractions limited to one side in the beginning? I have to be cautious as I have a 90 minute drive to the hospital and have fast deliveries but I don't want to jump the gun. I've also been getting braxton hicks for the past hour that seem to almost be...
I've had every sign in the book for 2 weeks now and at 39 weeks. No baby...i'm so emotionally beat! I would have way rather had no signs. Diarrhea, constant indigestion, bloody show, baby engaged...nothing. *whine* please get out off mah belleh!
AMAZING!!!! Congratulations, she is absolutely adorable and your birth story is AWESOME. What a strong mommy you are. Congrats again!! 
He is breathtaking!! I had a horrible time nursing my first baby...I can honestly say it was the worst time of my parenting "career". Please be gentle with yourself, you're doing the very best you can, make sure you remind yourself of that and don't let anybody else make you feel differently. Congratulations x's 100! 
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