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Congratulations!! I love her name & she is so adorable!
Oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations & good luck!
sounds real to me, I would wait a bit to call the doula. Good luck!!! 
Could be plug! I lost mine over a week ago and nothing has happened. I hope you have better luck!
ME! This pregnancy (my fourth) has me to the point of a mental break down. I'm 38 weeks and I already want this baby out so badly. I know, I know, that's so bad of me...I know, I know, "babies come when they're ready"...I KNOW. I have a bicornuate uterus and this pregnancy has literally been one thing after another. Bleeding, high blood pressure, pre term contractions, constant pubic bone pain, constant sickness, exhaustion and constant ob appts because they were so sure...
Oh ME ME ME!!!    I was just telling DH today that I am so sick of people calling me...I could just SCREAM. I don't think they realize that while their questions about "Is anything happening?" "Do you feel close?" "Do you think you'll have the baby by next week?" are all innocent enough on their own...when you get asked every few hours every single day for three weeks...you start to feel a bit murderous...    ---Did I say that out loud?----   HAVE YOU HAD...
Congratulations!!! What amazing news!!! 
I'm always really small during pregnancy and even at three full weeks early my DD was 6 lbs. Everybody's body holds them differently, I definitely wouldn't worry! 
I lost my plug three days ago and I'm still here... This is the hardest part of pregnancy because all of the symptoms you're having COULD mean you're in early labor but they could mean you'll be in labor in three weeks... *groan* It's torture. Pure. Torture. 
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