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to funny...I google homebirthing B&B and I find you here! I do think it is so fab, although a lovely home in a wee village down the lake would be better
You have inspired me in a way I can not explain. Your story, your pain...the truth and beauty of your choices. You and you family our in my thoughts, in peace and love, held with the utmost respect. Thankyou for sharing, what a wonderous gift.
Quote: Originally Posted by monkeys4mama No, I really don't tandem nurse in public. At least not just anywhere in public. I might tandem nurse in a place where other people might happen along, but not necessarily in a place where people are, iykwim. Like if I was at a quiet park, I might tandem nurse. If I was at the mall, I wouldn't. Ds is 3 1/2 and people are just too weirded out by that. I don't want to get reported to cps or something stupid...
Hi all, I am tandem nursing DD 3, and DS 5 weeks. DD had weaned herself when I was 7 month pregnant. I had a feeling she would start again once the baby came. (she turned 3 in august) About 2 weeks ago she asked if she could nurse and I welcomed her. She is nursing more and more as time passes. Its been a bit odd nursing a big kid after not for the past 5 months, it's taken her a bit to get used to latching again...sometimes I let out an *ouch!!!*: But...
Our doc thought our ds might have Pyloric stenosis at 2 weeks. (we travelled 2 hours to a hospital to see a pediatrition and get u/s) We went through u/s n'such to thankfully discouver it was not. The doc thought maybe gerd and perscribed ranitidine. The thing with ds was that he would choke BADLEY, seemingly suffocating on his vomit. I would need to suction, prepared to resusitate every time. It was horrifically scary. We decided to try the perscription until I...
I vote for padraigs!!! We all wear them and LOVE them, we live in central B.C where winter is cold...these keep us toasty and are great for out doors in spring/fall!!
Wow, they are so precious!!!! I love seeing them all together. You have been so blessed!
OMgosh!!! everyones babes are soooo beautiful!! Here is Noah at 2 weeks http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m...ee/noah027.jpg http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m.../noah028-1.jpg
with #1 I bled 6 weeks, 4 with #2, 2 with#3, this time I bled for a week, stopped for a few days then spotted for a few days, back and forth. When we were in the hospital with Noah at 2 weeks a started bleeding heavier again, STRESS, now I seem to spot some days again, very slight, its fading more as the days go by. Noah will be 4 weeks tommorow.
Yeahy!!!!! Congrats on your birth and little girl!! Can't wait to here all the details!
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