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Can anyone point me to useful sites where I can print off the basic info about chemistry for teaching my kids eg....atoms, molecules, etc. Also any useful experiment sites. I have 4 kids varying in age from 7 to 15 so all levels appreciated. Or anyone care to share how you have covered chemistry? Louise x
Thanks for your replies so far. I haven't cooked fish ever lol. Does your house then stink of fish when you cook it? How do you get rid of the smell? What about bones? I used to eat fish from the market as a kid and hated getting fish bones in my mouth as thought I would choke and die!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sailor Also, I'm a former raw food vegan ... so, I know how daunting it can be. However (and this is just my experience), I think it's pretty rare to get sick from undercooked fish assuming it's 1. fresh, 2. you know the source. After all, I've made sushi at home with raw fish and I've been OK. You just have to make sure to get fresh, to know how it was handled before it got to you, and to know the source. Oh Wow!!!...
I am currently veggie but considering adding fish to my diet for nutrition and health reasons... but how on earth do you cook it?? I went veggie at 14 and cooked for myself and have NEVER cooked fish! I am paranoid about food poisoning so don't want to under-cook it. Should I buy ready cooked? Care to share your recipes? TIA xxx
Just wondered what term dates you keep? Do you start up and follow the local school dates? Do you do any structured learning activities even in the holidays? Discuss
My 15 year old daughter would like to go to college in a year. I need to see if they will accept her this year to sit classes with adults so that she can actually enter college with some qualifications. This is not easy in the UK as we have catch 22 situation that makes it harder for home-schooled kids than those who have been expelled from school. I basically have a meeting with someone from the college so they can meet my amazing daughter. I thought of preparing a file...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlwaysByMySide In my state, it's 4 months old, and then you are work required. I get no c/s. I work from home, I work outside the home, I work, I work, I work. I feel like I never see my kids, because I'm always working. What I would give to be a SAHM again. But I digress... Is it possible? Sure. But it would depend on a lot of factors - how frugal you can be, how much reliable c/s you get, if you qualify for...
My home-schooled teens along with some of their friends present a monthly radio show on a local radio station. They have set up a fan page on Facebook. If you (and/your teens) would like to support them please become a fan :-) The link is here: http://tinyurl.com/c4omxb Thanks so much xxx
I was thinking would it be a good idea to write up a list of time and days he can take the kids out.... but what if the kids don't wanna go????? I am not forcing them!
Quote: Originally Posted by wendyjoe That's called manipulation. I'd be sooo : There would be stern talkings-to Another thing he's doing there is making the kids think that daddy is all play, daddy is always on their side, and momma's the enemy. Totally not cool. I've decided that I'm going to show my kids that it's not okay to let anyone walk all over me - thereby they might learn that it's not okay to let anyone walk all over them. Easier to say...
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