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I use fleece liners (real easy to rinse) and put a paper liner on till he's pooped. He's quite regular, once a day then, I flush the paper liner with the solid poo. No soaking/dunking required!!
Me and my kids will be lighting a candle here in the UK, blessings NM xxxx
I'm afraid I can only offer sympathy as this is how my 18 month is too. It's so tiring it's untrue!!
What is FIP. My cat died suddenly in someones garden last week and i have no idea why??
HUGSxxxxx to you and your cat. My cat died yesterday. Don't know how. He was only 7 and was found dead in a garden. I am so grief stricken. They become like your children don't they xxxx
I was vegan and hoping to raise my kids that way but they will often reject what I cook and want veggie dogs, pots. carrots etc..ie. a meat substitute and 2 veg diet. I wish they would eat wholefoods and I have tried lots of things. They prefer white pasta, rice, bread... I worry about their diet. A lot of vegan processed stuff here in UK has high sodium, trans fats and artificial stuff. Would they be better off eating eggs and cheese than the substitutes?
Has anyone's child EVER self weaned at night? DS 18mths feeds ALL night and I'm exhausted and not managing to sleep. I am thinking of night weaning him using the no-cry sleep solution but it seems to require a lot more effort than I feel able to give at the moment. On the one hand he seems so little still but on the other I'm really tired. I wish he would self wean. He feeds every 10 mins up to hourly during the day. If you have night weaned, how did you do it? How old was...
My children are vegan and all 4 are very fussy, refusing most nuts seeds and legumes. Your childs diet sounds great. would love ds (18mths) to eat as well, but he mostly breastfeeds.
I so sympathise. DS started like this when he started teething at 6 mths. He still prefers mostly the left which is twice the size of the right. I have resigned myself to being lop-sided till he weans (he's 18mths now). I couldn't find any advice about this when I posted on here. One person said if they feed less milk supply dwindles so they feed less on that side. I never ould pump much though and just tried to accept it. I know I produce less on that side but what I try...
Myself and my 2 daughters often notice small sore bumps on our tongue. Sometimes they appear after eating strawberries/pineapple/tomatoes...acidic things and then they dissapear after a while. Is it allergy linked? Anyone else get them? or know what they are?:
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