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Well done both of you Fab stuff and great to see unschooling portrayed in such a positive light xxxx
Hi guys I went veggie at 13 (21 years ago). Then at 19 became vegan. I was a strict vegan and brought my first 3 kids up as vegan but after my ds was born (after 10 yeas of me being vegan) and he was about 1, I realised I couldn't get my kids to eat the healthfull foods I was cooking and I was worried about one dd in particular. So I realxed and we went veggie which has helped. Even while veggie, I didn't eat much dairy - don't like it any more, prefer tofu to eggs...
I am thinking of you and Hayden, Hannah and Mitch too. Your strength and openess and yet still the ability to love so much is truly a lesson for us all. Sending you much love xxxxx
I have a whole big crate of them collected over the years, along with many other home-school resources that may well NEVER get used. BUT, in my mind they are there should someone want to pick them up and have a go, same as the Story of the World book, that is there in case one day someone wants to read it. I don't actually think I'll get rid of the workbooks till all my kids have grown past the ages for them. I reckon if I did someone would then ask for them!!
Hi Mammas subbing here to learn from you wise ones. I am new to paganism and still finding my feet. What does being a pagan mean to you? xxxxxxxx
I do some yoga at home and am currently looking to join a class. Can anyone recommend a music cd I could use when I practice. I am in the UK so I would have to be able to purchase it here. Here are whaht amazon offers : http://amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_nr_i_2/...popular&page=1 Also what is the best mat I can get to use? Any advice appreciated, thanks, xxxxxxx
I do actually hold it all in a lot, that has become a natural easy thing to do. But there is still inches of flab on top of any muscle and the saggy pouch bit that I ask mysel will it ping back, so long after having kids? People who have had success dealing with this often start within a few months of birth. I haven't but I won't give up hope!
I have had 4 children, my youngest will be 5 in April. I have only recently got anough energy back to try and do anything about my stomach. I look about 6months preganant unless I hold it in! There is just no muscle tone there. I know muscles separate when you are pregnant and in an ideal world you'd exercise after birth but I couldn't and didn't so have it all to do now. I lost some weight over the past year. I am down to about 154 pounds and am approx 168cm. I have...
There is a theory I have come across that we are responsable for ourselves, our thoughts, our actions and reactions. In theory nothing anybody else says or does can upset us unless at some level what they say/do holds true with us and some would say is our own personal issue rather than theirs no matter what they say/do that hurts us. For example; I know someone who would make honest open/blunt but IMO cruel comments to people eg. you need to lose some weight/you are...
Quote: Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa I am almost never up by 9 am. Occasionally the dog or phone will wake me and I'll be unable to get back to sleep, but usually I am not up before 10 am and usually it's closer to 11. Not everyone needs or wants to spend their days "going out and being in the world". The kids and I love the evenings around 9- midnight the best. I am soooo glad to hear that, I thought I was the only Mum in the world who...
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