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Quote: Originally Posted by lyttlewon I really want a moses basket but those suckers are expensive! target makes a knockoff for $40
moses basket kimono tops footed pants sling a friend to lend an ear and shoulder
each of my children sleep differently - they go to sleep when they are tired - whenever that may be. my 11 year old can sleep for 4 hours or 20 hours - i let her body decide. my 5 year old sleeps normally about 9 hours and my almost 3 year old sleeps whenever i put her in bed (so we usually read a story and put her in bed around 9 and she wakes about 1130am). now my natural clock runs from about noon to normally 2-3am (it's 240am where i am now and sleep doesnt look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mackenzie I saw those but none of them are the school I am looking at...*sigh* hmmmm and the university you attend doesnt have anything listed on their website? if its a state university it would accept state exemptions, now a private university can have other rules. sorry i am not much help, i dont know much about washington (now georgia i can talk up a blue streak )
hth! this is at the bottom (if you look at the top of the page it says: Statues/Laws Letters/Forms Schools Colleges/Employment/TB/OptOutRegistry). you can click on Colleges/Employment/TB/OptOutRegistry and view the following Quote: Colleges: WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY (.pdf) Measles Immunization Policy (.pdf) Measles Immunity Waiver (.html) Measles Immunity Waiver (.html) Measles Immunity Waiver SUMMER QUARTER ONLY STUDENT Request for a...
right now my oldest (11) is at music camp but generally we have people come over or go out to a playdate maybe every few weeks. in a month or so that will change as i hope to get the 11 year old and the 5 year old in scouts. but we have also been known to not do anything "social" for a month or longer. hth! eta: i have an 11 year old, a 5 year old and a soon to be 3 year old. they play with friends in the nieghbourhood, but scheduled social time or "classes" are few...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthymama2b I want a set of those 'fake' shoes (the toe strappie thingies?) - I figure they'll make the transition to 'barefoot in stores' easier. oh i want a pair of those too! i guess i should pull out the hemptwine and skull beads and see if i can figure out how to make a pair
Quote: Originally Posted by hip_mama Whats the difference between the Nikon and the canon? We have the canon digital rebal. Is it any different or is it just the price? most of the nikons and canons have similarities between generations, i find the differences are small and pretty personal (for example i like the way nikons feel in my hand better than canons, etc)
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky Perhaps this isn't an unschooling related issue as much as a personal growth (for me) issue, , but I'm just wondering if anyone else here can relate to my impatience with school-at-homers, even some of my wonderful IRL friends. Quote: Originally Posted by Joan I could have written this. I've stopped speaking up about it, because, well, I don't think anyone wants to hear me, but the...
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