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Haha! My favorite is when DD (34m) saw me changing the other day and said "Mama, I love your beautiful boobies... they are good to me!" Had to hug her for a long while after that one.
What I read was that you get paid 30 days after the end of the billing period. So if you work from Feb 1 - Feb 28, you won't get paid until sometime in April...? Then paid in May for March, etc etc. I believe it's every 30 days once they get you set up. I think I read it on the New Raters page, on the main portal.
Ha! I've been too busy toddler wrangling and working to post. But yeah, this is just about my speed, and I'm so happy to have something to help makes ends meet. Gotta thank you guys for starting this thread, otherwise I wouldn't have even known about it. So... THANKS!
If you are a US resident working as a US assessor, then no. I think it's if you are an international assessor, you need to speak/read/write English since that is what the primary materials are in. I've been working for the last two weeks and it's been really interesting, even for a geek like me.
Been lurking on this thread for a few weeks now. Passed the first test, and am waiting to hear back about the second part. Seems like it could be an interesting job to make ends meet. Savannah Smiles -- is it reasonable to actually get 10 hours of work? I was reading other forums that seemed to indicate that it was generally fewer hours?
This was a big challenge for me as well, but I have been so very impressed with our local Y. The staff is screened, they have a pretty strict sign-out policy, they are adequately staffed. (I have actually had to wait to sign DD in because they would not be properly staffed with any more kids.) DD loves to go there and play with "new to her" toys. Parents also get pagers, and I've told them if she even asks for me to page me (as I've told her that she can do that) and...
Homemade hummus was one of my DDs first foods, and yes, with lots of garlic. She still loves it to this day. We did just a dab to start with, but by 13 months one of her favorite meals was (and still is) garlic hummus and labne with pita. I'd say... enjoy!
I believe the eggs I am getting now are supplemented with a small amount of grain in the colder months. But my yolks are still orange, so I'm happy enough. I'm paying $4 a dozen. Only slightly more than the free-range dozen at Trader Joe's ($3.69). I have a really hard time going back to regular store-bought eggs now... it's like having egg-whites only, based on the color alone. Must have my bit of sunshine on a plate each morning.
I found mine by looking at folks selling eggs on Craigslist. I have seen the yard that the hens are kept and I meet up with her every other week for a few dozen eggs. I've been successful with Craigslist twice. Both ladies let me see their chickens before I committed. Good luck in your search.
Thanks for the input. I tend to think of myself as fairly flexible but sometimes I see where maybe I'm not putting boundaries up where they need to be. As it turned out, we did go to the gym and she was willing, once I talked to her about how we had done things that she wanted to do for a few hours, and now it was Mama's turn, and she would be able to do some other activities she liked in the afternoon. Of course once we got there, she didn't want to leave. I think...
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