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Quote: Once we see whether it's a boy or girl, we will go through the baby name book and find the most awful name we can and will refer to the baby as that until he/she is born. A way for us to dodge the name discussion with everyone, but allows them to play with names with us without stepping on our toes about it. We have this privacy issue about names... MrsTC, I love this idea. DH and I are also really private with our potential names, mostly...
I had a cold right when I found out I was pregnant, and my naturopath (who is also a CNM) said that Emergen-C was just fine to take. If you are worried about it though, maybe use one package for a few glasses of water, just to mask whatever the offending smell or taste is. Good luck!
Chocolate. Seems to be the one thing that I simply can't tolerate. I told DH it was the first sign that I was pregnant, as I LOVE chocolate. For the past few weeks even a taste of it is enough to make my stomach churn though.
Hi all -- We found out a few weeks back that we are expecting our first on March 25th. We fit in a cross-country visit to tell some people in person, and before any kind of nausea set in. So far so good! Very glad to meet all of you. - Ava.
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