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If you know what needs to be done (from the manual), you should be able to get a few quotes via email from folks on Craigslist. I know my CL (Seattle) has a huge services/automotive section with plenty of people looking to give you a better deal than Midas or your dealer. Or maybe try the bartering section...?
I just wanted to thank everyone for their responses. They all were very thoughtful and I appreciate the insight into other people's experiences. I am definitely leaning towards working part time for a longer period, if homeschooling turns out to be the best thing for our family. My DH and I were also surprised by how many responses there are for high school, but given the hypothetical, it makes the most sense. And yes, she could definitely do for herself if she wanted...
Quote: Originally Posted by milehighmonkeys Not middle school. Does anyone like middle school? It seems like a very difficult time. Yeah, that was my thought as well. The whole thought really is "well, this decision might really suck for us... when would it suck the least". Feh.
Sort of a weird question, I'm sure, but thought you all might have some insight. My little one is nearing two and we're toying with the idea of hs'ing her. However, due to long term financial goals, I will likely work part or full time for some of her 6-18 years of age. I'm going with the assumption that I will work full time for four years. Which would you suggest would be the least... intrusive? detrimental to the consistency of her education? discouraging as a...
We were told to expect it on the 13th, then the 20th, and received it (direct deposit) on the 6th. So go figure.
: Delurking briefly. I'm slowly making the transition to TF. My DD (almost 2) loved the fermented ginger carrots I made, and our morning breakfast of eggs in butter is a crowd pleaser as well. Ever so slowly making other changes. DH isn't really on board, but I'm not letting that stop me from trying. Looking forward to reading more posts and getting started on my Feb project... My sourdough starter arrived in the mail yesterday!
Thank you! I just needed a little backup for the "breastmilk can never be enough" crowd. Thank you for the quick reply.
Not sure if this belongs here or toddlers or health...? Mods, please move if needed. Now onto the TMI post... My DD has had some loose stools the last few days. She's drinking water and her demeanor has been fine but I'm a little worried about dehydration (based on infrequent wet diapers). My question is... is breastmilk suitable for rehydration? Or should I get Pedialyte or something more "substantial"? TIA!
I keep seeing spaetzle on shows like Iron Chef. Happy to hear they can be TF'd. As an aside, how does brown rice pasta fit into the TF spectrum? I'm thinking of the packaged pasta... clearly a convenience food which we're trying to steer away from, but this seems like it might be a good stepping stone. Thoughts? PS. That casserole sounds awesome.
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