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REF you sound like you are describing my dd. She too is in first grade very advanced in math and reading. I had her in a private school, thinking they would be 'helpful' I had to pull her out of school and we're going through a charter for homeschool she is thriving although her adhd'ness is still a factor at least she's not being punished for not 'conforming' by sitting with her hands folded on her desk. If you have the inclination I'd highly recomend h/sing ...
omg yes. my dd is gifted (6 1/2) and is lately taken to worrying about everything. 5 months ago we went to our local aquarium and she did some of the arts and crafts and 3 of her papers accidently blew into the ocean. She cries every night that she hurt some animals because of the crayons being eaten by the fish, when we went back she refused to bring any of the art home becuase it might blow into the ocean again. she worries alot about everything. at a very...
We have one of those dr. germ hot air sanitizers. I tend to use that once a night.. it's good white noise... but I usually only do the pacifiers that were used that day and whatever was the favorite chew toy.
Tanzanite... Tanzi for short.
Background. dd is 6 1/2 almost 7 weeks (Thursday) old. (she was 5 weeks early) We started supplementing per dr request @ 1 week and only then did she regain her birthweight (right at 2 weeks)... (and right after being weighed pooped and spit up a ton so I'm sure had our appt been 1/2 hour later she would have been under her b/w still but I digress) anyways I have a pis pump and try to pump at least once a day... just to help my supply . but lately it's been every other...
water broke at 6:59 am was holding my girl at 1:47pm not bad for a first timer. my second is a planned section. if all goes well I should be holding her by 8:00 am on Valentines day.
how about for a girl Sima Anan (precious fourth born) Marian Avery (wished for elf councel) boy names (I am not good with boy names sorry) but I do like Ghayth (rain)
again... commercialism but the ones that fit my dd best (she ws 20 mo old and about 22 /24 lbs was the ones from the disney store. They say 2t/3t but they are snug and don't have the droopy butt syndrom. Now at 2 1/2 she's finally fitting into the 2t/3t that are cartoony (dora) ones but the plain ones are still to saggy. : she's currently aabout 28lbs 36inches
Yes I always say goodbye (which isn't very frequently) her daddy leaves for work before she is supposed : to wake in the mornings but he's a loud oaf that i love dearly and he wakes her up. so he kisses her goodbye and carries her to our bed. I also always try to give her a kid estimation of when I return. Like your going to go play with Cousin Anna today and have lunch at her house, then you're going to take a nice nap and when you wake up I'll come get you.
no this is my first c-section "birth". my first was a vaginal med free birth. I placenta literally shredded to pieces instead of delivering, I had some severe complications, and 6 weeks later I had to have an emergency c-section to deliver my daughters twin that 'know one knew' was there (the twin died around 20 weeks gestation) so my incision is horizonatal unfortunately not vertical. and my ob said he would probably use that site to go in again. . so I don't know how...
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