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Hi Pokey!! thank you, this was a great start for me. I will probably be lurking here a lot more and possibly asking more questions... 
I realize this is a pretty old post but I am interested in finding some young adult books that have gay men depicted in them. I am straight but my 8 year old son has been commenting frequently about his interest in other males at school and has had a crush on another boy for some time now. I just want to have some books around that have positive gay men in them for him to read if he's interested. Specifically I would love something for the age group of around 2nd - 5th...
hows the rash Kitteh?? 
 DS1 gets bright red cheeks and sometimes ears/neck after eating, this is one of the symptoms of his food allergies for him. It doesn't just happen after eating his allergy food but often after eating very random things. however when he's good about not eating his trigger foods it doesn't happen at all. I tried for almost a year to determine what his allergies were through elimintation diets but could never find them all... so if you suspect food allergies IMO it's just...
Oh I love the crawling stage, so much exploration!
Ouch!! Is that her her tushy??! We've never had thrush but ds1 had yeast infections on his diaper area that peeled and blistered like that... Pm me if you want more info. Boor baby, hope it heals soon
wow aubrey!! B is just barely considering standing or pulling himself up... but he's reallllly got the army crawl down and is scooting, pushing, shoving, and rolling himself all over the house now.    aahhhhh easton is too darn cute. love his little 'its cold' expression. 
ugh my first was a twiddler also, it was difficult to nurse in public because he HAD to be twiddling the other nipple while nursing. And of course that made it leak all over. I would rather have a pincher!
Yeah Berkeley has done it for a while but lately it's really becoming an issue because IT HURTS. I bite his little nails as short as I can get them but he still manages to scratch me.This too shall pass??
Oh my has anyone else's LO started pinching while nursing?? B does and it is SO painful. My aeriola has little scratches and scabs all over... So not fun. And he gets so mad when I move his little pinching fingers
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