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Sound of Music! hee hee
OMG - I am in the same boat. And, your story about not being able to get in the house without her wanting to play outside is EXACTLY what DS does. I do everything from giving him plenty of warnings about what we're going to be doing, especially if we will not have time to play in the yard. If we are playing outside, I give him the 10, 5, and 2 minute warnings (which used to work just fine) but he still has a full and complete meltdown. And, I'm talking 20 minutes on...
I voted infant, primarily b/c we had such difficulties with DS' sleep and I already suffer from insomnia. So, I was going MONTHS with less than 2 hours sleep a day. I was depressed, sick all the time, weepy all the time, never went out b/c DS would only sleep ON me for all naps and for the first part of night time. Uggg...I shudder when I think of that time.
My son is ADDICTED to Corn Flakes and Bran Flakes. We cut up different fruits to go into it. I used to use yogurt instead of milk but now he just wants it with milk like our bowls.
Thanks for the advice, Serena! I was tempted to "check".
Hi All, Hope someone knows the answer to this. My 26 month old has now stopped nursing and it's been 3 weeks. Because he'd only been nursing once a day (and only for 1-2 minutes), I wasn't worried about being engorged and all that. Maybe that was silly but, there you have. I still feel some tenderness and heaviness and hoping this doesn't last too much longer. But, I was wondering if anyone knew a range of time it takes for the milk to finally "dry up"?
Hi all, I'm hoping someone has some suggestions for us. DS - who is now 27 months - absolutely hates getting soap rinsed off him right now. It started a couple of months ago and is not getting any better. He loves the bath, getting in, playing, getting soaped up. But, try rinsing him?? Ha! We might as well be torturing him. He tries desperately to scramble outta the tub, starts screaming "No, No, No!", tries grabbing on to me/DH. I've tried different...
Thanks for your replies, Mamas. We're also very careful. It's usually either Signing Times, Sesame Street, Sound of Music. The only variances from that were Toy Story and once for Lion King (which didn't scare him, surprisingly). I once tried Thomas the Train and it FREAKED him out...go figure.
Hi all, My husband and I are kinda pulling our hair out about our son's behaviour lately....and we think it's related to the occassional video we let him watch. We don't have TV and none of us watch tv on a regular basis. Our son only gets to watch the odd dvd (on one of those small, portable DVD players) during times he's sick, I'm sick, or if I have a rare work deadline to complete and DH can't be with DS. But DS seems to get nutso afterwards. He's more whiny...
I agree with one of the early responses about prevention. However, once you were in the situation, I don't really see any other option that to just scoop him up and strap him in, kicking and screaming. My suggestions would be: * time the outings carefully so it doesn't cut to close too a nap, meal or snack time. * to give him plenty of heads-up about what the schedule is and give him a 10, 5, and 2 minute warning. * have something for him to look forward to at the...
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