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HBM..so sorry to hear about your friend. That is shocking really. I'm sort of getting worried about bursitis in my hips. It is so tender when I touch where the leg and hip joint meet. I can squeeze on any other joints without any problem at all. Anyone else ever dealt with this? I'm getting depressed about this.
The foam roller arrived and I have rolled! :
Y'all what am I going to do if I can't run for awhile? I'm starting obsess! LOL I was getting pretty pleased with my progress and now it just makes me so d@mn mad! I felt good this morning and just walking around the grocery made my butt start aching. My SIL (dh sis) called yesterday and her dh has been abusing the kids and is emotionally/mentally abusing her. Urgh...wish we could be there to help her stay strong. She is for sure leaving him, just she's in the...
MB..I'm outraged for you and the baby too! urghhh! Oh yeah..when are you heading out to dinner?!! Never mind I'll email. I went to the chiro today..he said I shouldn't run for a bit..maybe a 1/2 mile every other day at most. I. Can't. Stand. it! I can swim and bike, but how can I not run at least a couple a days a week???!!! Plady..yucky! Hope you get well soon!
Ah..it is nice and quiet here this morning! My in-law's left last night. We are starting half of our homeschool today. Just math, french and typing lessons. Typing will be helpful for writing papers later on this year. Headed to the chiro today. I so hope I can run by Tues or Wed. I am going to the gym tonight for swimming. Drjen...awesome rr!!! Nick..hang in there! MB..congratulations Aunt!
Gaye..so sorry!::
No fm this week. My right glute really aches. Foam roller is in the mail to my house! My plan is to go back to the chiro on Monday and run on tues or wed. I really hope I can get back soon. Love the picutres!
Plady! : Great Marathon report! Jo... New adventures coming your way! towson..great to see you! Do I run when my IT band is giving me grief?
JayGee...I just started struggling with giving in to eating crap the last few days. Too much bad news and this is the in-laws 3rd week here and I'm starting to feel worn down. I envy your swim! It sounds so freeing! drjen...IIRC Cytomax is the electrolyte drink for endurance athletes. I think I read about it in a tri book my ironman friend loaned me. I have never seen it or tried it.
One more dingo here who needs a foam roller. My right quad is so sore. Jaygee..what was the outcome?
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