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Hope y'all had fun camping! Dh decided he wants to train for a race! We are doing a 10K together in Oct! So excited! My in-laws arrive here later today. I need to have it all organized around here, for sanity's sake! I'm going to drop the kids at VBS in a bit, and hide from crazy organizer church lady. I can't help them today! Poppy!..you did it! JenLove..so glad I dont' have little babies that I parent differently anymore. It's much easier now.
rene...we got that vinegar at costco, but there is a discount natural foods place we sometimes pick things up at too. I just found this cool homeschool math supplement to go with our other stuff. It uses mnomics. Times Tales from Trigger Memory. It was great to meet up! CFG...are the vibrant five finger shoes flexible? Do they offer any support for arches? I used to love to be barefoot, but I have high arches and one of them is slightly fallen and I have plantar...
All the Peachtree racers!!!! GO Paige, MB, rene!!!!! Go Bec, Drjen, penelope!!!!
jooj..only a single, never been married person would give up woodenware for a husband! You better throw something in for a bonus! Oh well, we love those men for all their y chromosone tendencies! poppy..good news! I hope she has complete healing. I went for a walk with dh this morning. Then I did Cathe Friedrichs Butts and Guts. It is totally a kick a&& workout! I'm putting that in my once a week rotation for the summer. I had to do it this morning, because...
We are a sleepy bunch around here. Dh's grandmother died last night, and we had very late phone calls. Then of course we were up and sad etc.. DrJen..the man is obviously ignorant. I'm very dismissive to that sort. You know it is awkward right now in society, because we do call each other by our first names most of the time. So, if someone calls me by my first name, then I expect that I should call them by their first name even if I put a title in front of it....
I think summer has turned my schedule upside down. I just got home from a run. It looks like the evening runs are it for now. I have this good 4.5 out and back that works great. I'm learning new things everyday. I have never heard the word chillax until now!
Good Morning! Feeling sleepy as usual after a swim meet night. Drinking my coffee and getting ready to have a make the house beautiful spree. We are having dinner guests tonight. Thankfully we are just doing the barbeque and drinks and everyone else is brining something. Dh put the barbeque on early this morning, so my job is fairly easy! I also have a hard time running on the tm in the humid weather. Our basement has AC but we don't ever turn it on. I'd rather...
Jaygee..I have done that before. I did an upper body workout tonight, and then dd asked if we could go on a cooldown run! There was no way I could turn that down, so we did a mile together. nick..hope it all goes well! kerc.. There are two kinds of sunscreen my kids like..I will look at them tomorrow (they are out in the car) and see what kind they are.
bec..great idea! Gaye..hugs for tomorrow. Cali..hope your dd is ok. The kids had swim practice and swim lessons today, and the heat beat me. I have felt totally drained ever since. So, I missed the afternoon gym class again. Maybe I'll just work out at night for awhile. I've been on a totally different schedule ever since it got hot. I don't have an appetite and I'm so sleepy.
JayGee..your spin class instructor..that is something else! Wonder if she'll last long?! We had a storm today and the temp went down to 75! So, I went for a run after supper. I never do that. It was so nice out! I did 4.5, which is more than I planned on.
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