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If you would like, I can post to the parent's at my son's school (a Montessori Elementary school in Portland) to see if anyone is interested. If so, PM me your email so I can have them contact you directly.
Max goes to an AMI school that works closely with the Montessori Institute NW and they use erasers. Maybe sparingly? I can see that perspective, but I also know that it would make my kid not even try for fear of making a mistake!
My son is graduating and so is his teacher! She's leaving to start her own Children's House in her own neighborhood. We usually get or make little gifts for all the guides and admin, but this year I'm thinking it would be nice to make something (with my son) that she could use or have in her new classroom, since she'll be starting from scratch.    The only real ideas I have so far is for my son to embroider something and help me sew a pillow for the book/peace area,...
I didn't realize there were sleeves for my KK and Sigg bottles available at reuseit.com! This will help with the "sweating" that they do and avoid getting the content of my bag wet. 
From what I've seen most downtown hotels do charge for parking. You could probably find someplace to park and take the MAX in though. You can get really good deals on Hotels.com, Orbits, etc. DH and I used Orbitz and got a room at the Nines for really cheap. You often don't get to see the name of the hotel, but you should be safe with any 4 star. The Nines is the only 5 star in Portland so you can figure out easily which one it is. It's uber trendy, but fun and right...
Call Ellie Legare with Balanced Birth Midwifery. I haven't heard of any teams specifically, but she is an amazing midwife and would know your options. She teaches at the midwifery school. She does take OHP, too.
Bumping for the new season! Anyone found an Oregon camping spot they love? Anyone been to Fisherman's Bend?
I know people love love love Dr. Monique pritchard, MD. she's in Sellwood. I think she's only pediatrics, though. We love Dr Jennifer Gibbons, ND, with Natural Childbirth and Family Clinic in NE. The whole family sees her. I don't care for the other doctors we've seen in that same facility though.
Day 4 here too! Milk just came in- having a lot of nursing pain. Working with an LC, but still a challenge. We did placental encapsulation and I started yesterday, too. More later!
New Posts  All Forums: