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To the OP: yes, rude & destructive
I believe it all balances out eventually. So, yeah, I would agree I have it, too, occasionally but also w/the awareness that it'll come back sometime to "bite me in the butt."
Quote: Originally Posted by gealach Because, we all know, if it was true love, the thread will come back again. oooh but in what form? Perhaps a "Feel the Paris Love" thread? :
I hope not! I use the carrot spray everyday and love it. Good luck
I really don't know. I'm not in that position yet as my kids are obviously too young. BUT, as a teacher, I've had my principal tell me I'm obligated to report (or inform parents) that children are not allowed to be home alone under the age of 12. Just fyi
Quote: Originally Posted by 3girlsmommy I would call her back and let her know the situation. That after the movie the girls are taking the food upstairs and you are giving them the space to hang out and eat and chat etc. while you were going to work downstairs. I would hate for her to get there and expect to "hang" w/ the girls while they are having pizza and ruin your dd's party. You may want to call her back and at least find out her...
Well, heck, I would be offended. *sheesh* Yeah, of course she should know where her daughter is spending the night but to evaluation you on the night of the party? : That's just plain rude. All of the girls will be aware of the situation and God forbid you fail the test. :
Yeah, that's my Outback flashback. OMG they have the most sinful cheese fries. Still up for Chili's though for the margaritas. YIPPEE Hey, remember that recipe someone posted about camping margaritas? Ohhhh I made some... can limeade can tequila 1/2 can triple sec 3 cans water freeze for 24 hours yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do they have cheese fries
Nah, I would wash it on HOT, though.
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