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I am so envious of people with full supply and super jealous of those with an over supply.    
well, even at kid #3 I've been tricked. Not teething, no teeth yet. Just normal drooling (though on the heavier side) and a growth spurt. lol
Marcus. Birth: 10 pounds 4 months: 17 1/2 pounds 26 inches
Yes, Ladies, I said it...teething. UGH!!! Mr. M will NOT sleep in the evening, restless most of the day and it looks like his two upper and on upper on the left side are all coming in. The gums are super white and you can see the teeth. He has his hand in his mouth 24hrs a day (well not really) and drooling constantly.   I CAN NOT believe we are here already. I was hoping for AT LEAST 2 more months. 
i am here, but not really. Ugh. I am with the, I am sort of quitting group. The domperidone and metformin are making my cravings impossible. I am just trying to eat healthy and just have one mocha a day. But I am over my head. But each day I will try again.
hey Melaya, I am so there with ya. Struggling stinks.     Feeling completely overwhelmed here. I signed up last week at WW and they forgot to give me a point tracker/slider thing, so its practically impossible for me to figure things out. So I've been writing things down and just trying to eat nutritionally dense foods. But my frozen mocha, which is like a lifeline right now, creeps in almost every day. :( Thursday I didn't have it and I was a puddle on the floor....
Ok. I am joining up. I need to kick this PPD and I feel best when I am eating my best. I have gained 10lbs since having Marcus. So that makes me 40lbs over prepregnancy weight. UGH! This sucks because I totally changed my diet this time, ate really well, and gained the same 50lbs I did for the other two pregnancies. Thank goodness this is my last one. So. Wednesday I am checking in at WW. I usually follow a vegan, no sugar, no salt, no oil diet. But with my high needs...
born 8/27...24 hrs before the storm knocked out our power. still have no water/power/phone.  beautiful baby everythung else has been a nightmare  had to leave house post partum day 2. i just want to be  home.better story will follow when this nightmare is over.    born on my due date though:)   sue
Same here Jennifer,   I have been contracting every 10min since Monday, stopping for sleep and by 10pm each night. Last night I dreamed about awful contractions and woke up this morning with some bloody show. I WAS SO EXCITED. I felt like absolute doo doo today and had maybe 12 contraction ALL DAY. WTF?! Called the mw on call today and she is the useless new grad that couldn't give me any insight as to what was going on and informed me that she is on call until...
Same here. I have bleeped myself.
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