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lol I just dropped a size in my pants... Nausea stinks. However, I look in the mirror and think I look fatter. So confusing, yet humorous.
try some pineapple, oranges grapefruit. These three (not all at once) have some great effects. In fact, my breakfast each morning is some pineapple and banana or oranges and bananas (grapefruit is gone from aversions :( )   Also try eating a large dark green salad, that really helps.Spinach, collards, watercress etc.    HTH
I am here too! This will be #3, due late August. I HATE due dates. So except for my husband, no one knows our 'date'. The MW that we have dreamed to help us with our homebirth might be on vacation in August, so I have been putting off finding a HCP. I really don't want a hospital birth but I have huge problems with milk supply so I need to find someone asap so I can figure out the progesterone issue.   UGH!
Hi I have a friend that is out in Morrison Il near Milwaukee WI and is need of some cloth pads. Help?!
Birth and Beyond in Madison is doing deliveries starting in September...if that helps.
Hi all, I know this is an unusual question. But my MIL birthday is coming up and I want to get her a gift card for a facial. I live in CT and being rarely out of new england don't have a clue on where to get one in Red Bank NJ. If anyone knows of one that they can recommend it would be great. Especially if is one that does all organic/fair trade etc. But at 2 weeks away from her birthday, I am not picky at all. Thanks
I have two daughters, one queen size bed, one toddler bed, one twin bed, one full size mattress and one husband. lol Currently, we have DH sleeping in queen bed, DD2 and I in the full size mattress on the floor of the girls room and DD1 in twin bed in girls room. DD2 has slept on my arm since the day she was born. She still is... for most of the night. She even fusses in the middle of the night to switch 'sides' like she did when she was nursing (self-weaned due to lms...
Hi! I am looking for a chiro who does a lot of Cranial Sacral work in the Houston area. My sister lives in there area but doesn't have a clue as to where to go. TIA!
That is what my DD2 said every 45min last night when the sheets touched her toes, along with crying and waking. I need the sheets b/c I am freezing at night with the room temp at 50 degrees (love my old house) Its been going on like this for a couple of days now, and I am tired. She has stopped (well, mostly) nursing at night, I have LMS from IGT (we think). But she is still up multiple times a night. Mostly to "switch sides" even though she is not nursing..does that...
Subbing... also looking for a group...I live in glastonbury
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