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How about the "if I had the problems you have I would have quit a long time ago" comment. And I hate the "but look! your baby looks so healthy? How could have LMS?" Yeah, she was 10lbs at birth, but she 8lb 10 nOW! That's a problem! Or the millionth LC or ND or MD that PROMISES that if you do what they say exactly you'll have a supply in two weeks... and after 3 months of killing yourself, in a arm immoblizer for the tendenitis from all the hand expression you've been...
I had failure to lactogenesiss II with both of my children. And with DD2 we actually used Alimentum. The reason was we are of a very strong belief that our children shouldn't be introduced dairy in any form before the age of 1. We did soy with DD1, that was a mistake, but the Alimentum (which was wicked expensive) made a huge diffence in multiple levels.... kids crying
Just signing in... Am a SAHM at the moment, but teach monthly PALS and was an ER/pedi burns nurse for almost 10yrs before I decided to stay at home.
I am in Glastonbury. A little far, I think.
Nurse here! But a SAHM at the moment.
I have licensure in two states. I keep up with all my certifications and accumulate plenty of CEU that are required. I have CEN, BLS, ACLS, and am a PALS instructor and teach every couple of months (when i am not very pregnant or nursing a little one). I am also becoming a LL leader and possibly LC. Or just go back per diem agency. I am really not that worried about my skills, my DH is a PEM and we discuss cases (not pts) almost every day. And I still can't look or shake...
Here's the info, http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=864398 Anyone available to help?
Hi all, I've had LMS now with two kids and am starting to come to terms with my breastfeeding relationship. A friend was looking for people to help create her portfolio and I volunteered to be shot. http://www.memoriesbystacie.com/blog...a-nursing-mom/ Third picture down is me with my daughter Syd. I never thought I could take these pictures but now that they are done. I have this feeling of pride and healing.... Just thought I would share.
http://www.thebostonchannel.com/heal...21/detail.html Let's get this to be more than 50% yes!
Hi all! Have been so busy I haven't posted since our DDC! LOL Sydney is doing great, crawl/scooting everywhere and is around 20lbs ro so... (she was born at 10lbs). She is still breastfeeding despite the tongue tie, high palate, and my low milk supply. We are all doing good. Its been tough but we're here!
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