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I totally believe in informed consent! I try very hard to give my moms every side of everything. And to your question why stitch~ well I'm not going to jump on stitching every single mom that tears. And like the other midwife I realize that I don't stitch often so sometimes I feel rusty. I pull out the needle and start stitching things together. I think that it is a skill we should have. I only have used my O2 tank 1 time in 12 years but I still have one and still know...
So let talk about tears!  Is it ok not to stitch them? I stitch them if they are more then a 1st degree. Most the midwifes I've met don't stitch. It just floors me when I hear that.  What do you think the standard should be? Do you think that it should be a midwifes choice to stitch or not to?  What should Moms know about not getting stitched?   I'm interested in good dialog not snarkiness. I think that I have more to learn about different working habits and...
And if you do get it repaired drop her a note and tell her the story. Midwifes need to hear what happened in order to learn and grow. 
As a midwife I hear this all the time from both sides! I can't tell you how mad it makes me that midwifes won't stitch when it really does need it!  I hate taking clients from a midwife in my area that tore because there vaginas are a mess and they have a harder time with the next birth. Seriously It is part of the job! Go get checked out by and OB and see if there is something they can do. having it repaired now will be hard but WORTH it! I'm so sorry she didn't do them...
Look at home birth! There aren't many dr that will let you try for a vbac. There are a lot that will bait and switch you. If you are going to a hospital find a DOULA! Sage birth co-op has great doulas that can help with getting you a Vbac. My thoughts are with you!
So may was the month that I jumped on the band wagon! I'm down 11.4 pounds! I'm so excited to have found something that works for me and our lifestyle!
Quote: Originally Posted by ltlmrs Make oxtail soup! Just use your own beef broth and regular canned diced tomatoes. made this one and it was fantasic! I only changed the dreging from flour to black pepper and garlic powder. even the kids asked for more.
before the cough starts what are you eat/drinking 30 mintues before? I found it was a carb or sugar that would do this to me and the reaction was worse laying down.
I started this at 302 I'm now down 87 pounds. You are not alone. Sugar is worse then most drugs because EVERYONE eats it.IT IS EVER WHERE! It is easier i have found to not try to find ok things just cut it out completely. I would find a nut you like instead and have a couple of those instead of the drink.If you need a hand getting a gripe I'm here. I'm win the battle and it feels great, just keep moving!
Quote: Originally Posted by newbymom05 I would think you'd be in the majority at MDC! Or you mean the whole "forbidden fruit" angle? Now I"m worried that I"ve ruined him--he's already tasted all this cr*p. He understands the nutrition of it (as much as a 4 y/o can understand), but it's hard when everyone else eats it--it's hard for me as a parent! ETA so what would you do re: the preschool? Tell them they can't serve him the garbage everyone else eats?...
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