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We are moving to Ellensburg in Aug/Sept.  I am hoping to make some connections now.  :)  We are a moderately crunchy, AP, homeschooling family.  We are Christian but I would love any and all leads on homeschool groups/activities.  My boys are ages 10,8,5,2, and little!  :)  Also can anyone explain how the "Religious" opt out for vax works?  I am coming from Cali. where that whole issue has been easy peazy.
Pregnant for the 12th time with boy #5.  I was going NUTS not feeling ANYTHING.  I usually feel my babes early and often, couple that with my history of loss and I have been working to keep my cool. Discovered our anterior placenta at 15 week u/s.  19 weeks tomorrow and starting to occasionally feel a flutter or roll, but not with any sort of predictability or pattern.  Baby boy looks good as of our 18 week u/s this week though. So all smiles here!
Those same 'not so steel-y abs' will easy accomodate your little one turning vertex right up until birth, so take heart!! Spontaneous rupture of membranes causing prolapse is less likely than AROM causing prolapse. Do the studies and  percentages you are studying take that into account?  Frequently waters will leak, giving you some warning/time.  Did your other labors start with your water breaking?  I would wait and watch and pray. Oh, and pound down the vitamin C....
Round lig is definately, unmistakably on the sides. I have a spot on the front side of my uterus which hurts if touched or bumped by babe. It is a scar from a D&C. Feels weird and stabby.  I paniced when I first experienced it with my (now 9 month old) son, but when I started experiencing it again a few weeks ago I knew what it was and am not worried.
I have always measured ahead (as much as 8 weeks) after pregnancy #1 It seems to even out for me at 20 weeks.  Stalking anyhow.  I have a quick US today at my first peri appt, anxious to confirm only 1 healthy babe myself .   
Pumpkin seeds, other nuts, eggs. If there is a decent market, I'd get a beef roast and cook it on low all day.  Maybe canned meat?
From your discription, it sounds like a functional ovarian cyst.  (The corpus lutium producing the progesterone to support your pregnancy until the placenta is fully functioning.)  Your baby was likely concieved in an egg released from the ovary on that side.  Heat & rest will help.  If the pain remains severe or you are worried take a trip to the E R.
I just made a huge batch of tabouli salad but with quinoa (high protien and high fiber) in the place of the couscous.    ETA:   OOPS!!! don't do this!!  Before I ate any I thought to double check my memory and see for sure if parsley is alright in early pregnancy.  It seem it has mild abortofacent properties. One would likely need to eat it by the ton, but better to avoid in any real quantity in the first trimester. ...
I know it is hard to wait and not worry and fret over symptoms and lack of them.  I am usually pretty neurotic myself about these things.  However I have learned that I only steal the joy of the moment from myself by doing so.  For right now, you are pregnant, there is a sweet soul in there, enjoy the time you have.  I lost 2 pregnancies and then tried (with infertility meds) for 5 years before I had ds1.  I have had a total of 5 early losses and 2 losses in the second...
Hi, I'm Joy, unexpectedly prego for the 12th time with (prayerfully, hopefully) baby # 5. I am due November 29th. I have had 5 early losses and 2 second trimester losses.  I have all boys so far, (though one of my 2nd tri losses was a girl) ages 9, nearly 7, 3 and a 1/2, and 8 months old.  I am very happy to be pregnant again, though nervous with pregnancies so close together on top of my loss history.  Lots of prayer and intentionally putting off my fear and...
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