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AHH Cait I can NOT get the link for the photos to work on my computer!!! : Can you just email me a pic of him for the book (i WANTED that part to be a surprise but lol its not working out that way) or will you be ok without one? Im finishing it up, i KNOW you will love it either way but its up to you! Let me know...
I am so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers your way
Well my house is hectic as usual. My older 3 kids are driving me crazy, i dont whether its just cuz im exhausted from the baby that is just making them more annoying then usual or if they are really just acting whacko. My 2 year old has been screaming for 3 days for no reason, my 4 year old is smearin poop in my bathroom for no reason he can tell me, along with just being his usual sneaky self, my 3 year old isnt eating her dinner. Just playing with it. And my 11 month old...
Congradulations!! I still have that other stuff for you, i was waiting for you to have him because i made you a scrapbook, but i wanted to personalize it! Pm me if theres anything you want me to add to it besides his facts before i send it off!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleeky_Meerkat I also had my baby on the 18th! --jen : CONGRATS CONGRATS :
Well things are hectic here. With 5 kids now, things are just never quiet. My older kids ( and by older, keep in mind my oldest is 4) are excited to have a new brother, but my 10 month old isnt as enthusiastic. You can tell he is very jealous of the new baby. But i cant pick him up unless someone hands him to me, because he is over 20 pounds. So if my husband is at work or busy tending to the other children, its hard to give him the attention he seems to be desperately...
Thanks! Here are some more pics, they took them at the hospital. The password is Dixon http://www.growingfamily.com/webnurs...lID=4N5T1J3G4U
Unfortunatly my story isnt as great as most womens. I went in because my 4 year old kicked my in the stomach in the middle of a tantrum, and the contractions started coming consistently and hard soon after. In between the contractions i was having sharp pains in my side. So i got to the hospital and they kept me on the moniter for 4 hours, because of the injury. They then decided that even though i was only 1-2 cm and my contractions werent big enough that they would keep...
Im 3 days PP and almost crying from the afterpains. The contractions are worse now than they were when i was in labor. .... off to sleep
Javonte Malik October 18th 2006 5:30 pm 6 lbs 15 oz 19 1/2 in
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