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Well after 17 hours of labor he is here! I had him October 18th at 5:30 pm He was 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. Introducing Javonte Malik
So im packing my bag and heading out to the hospital. My husband is on his way home from work to watch the kids till my mother and aunt can get here, then my aunt will watch them so my mom and husband can meet me at the hospital. Wish me luck, im praying they keep me. Its starting to get unbearable.
Quote: Originally Posted by pumpkinsmama I can't quit, I am soon to be providing for a family of four! But you would think that they would give me a week off prior to my due date... something. : I feel ya hun. If i didnt have to feed 6 people already and one more next week, i wouldnt be doing nothing but laying in my bad all day everyday.
I am just started to be annoyed. They come, they go. They come, they go. They come, they go. They get stronger, then weaker. : Although the last 2 felt like i was being stabbed in my stomach with a really sharp knife. Lets hope that means its moving along. Im sooo tired of these FAKERS what i call em.
Quote: Originally Posted by Avani What does it smell like?I find amniotic fluid to smell almost like sperm,quite strong and very different from discharge. LOL well its a little too late to answer that question.. me and my husband just had some "alone time" since ALL the kids were sleeping (which is rare)... so i wouldnt know which is which now! But I just got out of a hot bath, I am going to pack my bag, and just sleep. If i wake up in...
Ok another question. Ya know, for this being my 5th kid i ask a lot of questions! lol i feel like this is my first time all over again! Anyways, on to my question. I have been "leaking" all day today. Its not a gush of fluid (ive never had my water break naturally its had to be broken) but more like a LOT of sweat? My descriptive skills arent so good. I mean, my jeans were so wet that it leaked onto a chair, and while i was laying down i could feel a lot of wetness in...
Well i asked the same question the other night, and they all told me it sounded like my mucous plug. Im due right with you.. but im hoping it WAS the mucous plug because hopefully that means any day now!
Quote: Originally Posted by Caitlin320 PS-- is that the herbal formula I gave you? / yeah. I told her i didnt know anything about it, but what the internet said.. and she went on some herbal site and got it. My husband wont let me touch it until my due date because it say very big CAUTION dont take until your due date. I asked her, she said she only been takin it 3 times a day like the bottle says, but that it says stimulate labor so she...
Ok so someone had given me this Motherstar Natural Birth drops, and I told my friend what the internet said it was for (i had never heard of it) and she went out and bought some. She was due today (well yesterday if you go by 12 am and not going to sleep ) anyways, she took it 3 times yesterday and 3 times today, and she said nothing is happening. She asked me how long it takes to work... and im like.. Uh... i dunno. It says its for strengthening the uterus, and to...
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