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Im sorry to jump in on this thread, but i was referred here by someone over in my due date club. So after reading up on this i decided that i am going to do it. I dont want to go through the PPD again, and since I am already feeling blue and my babe isnt even here yet... I really want to do anything I can to help prevent it. Also i heard it helps with bleeding, which I take as an extra plus. So here is my question: How do I tell the docs im taking it home? I mean,...
Never worked for me neither, so im also one of those mamas. A friend of mine had her baby the next day... but it varies from woman to woman and frankly whether or not the baby wants to come out or not. If you have a stubborn baby like i had... it wont do anything but make you extra uncomfortable Good luck! Hope you see your baby soon!
Ive been hearing it since I was six months. Atleast once a day someone asks me am I having twins. I just shoot them a nasty look and say 'No' and they get the hint. But AFTER i had my last son and WAYYY before i was showing for this baby someone asked me "Damn girl you aint have that baby yet??" :
I am scrapbook crazy! And yes, you can get pre printed pages. Actually, I have found some at walmart... but also at like AC MOORE or Micheals (i dont know if you have them where you live) Also like pp said creative memories has very nice ideas and papers. Also there are websites and programs for your computer that you can customized the page and print them out. I will have to look up the links later when my rugrats arent running wild!
Just jumping in here... my son is 10 months old and he does this all the time. We talk to him like a person and not all that "goo goo ga ga" stuff and he always does it at the funniest times, and usually when someone who can talks response would have been no. I think its cute. But i dont think there is anything wrong with it.. just learning how to move things. He repeats everything we do... makes kisses, waves his hands, makes noises... so im assuming its just a watched...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~gilli~ We just got home today. I have been at the hospital with him since Sunday night. I am exausted! He is doing sooo much better, and all he wanted was to see his lil sister! Im so glad he is all better! And dont you just love how they miss their siblings then they are away from them? I love it...
Quote: Originally Posted by imma2six I've had them for as long as I've been having kids, they come and go but never really go away for good. I agree with PPs, if for some reason they're still there when you deliver, you really won't be noticing them at the time. Its after your're recovering from delivery that you'll take notice of how they are feeling. By that time, you'll be able to find something that will give you relief and to help shrink them. ...
Congratulations! They are beautiful!
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