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Quote: Originally Posted by Peppermint Luckily, as someone eloquently pointed out, there are no "feminist police". I AM a feminist! Yeah, except, there are 'feminist police'-- just as mothers police other mothers.
Quote: Originally Posted by avengingophelia I want a level playing field too, but I don't see how it would be possible to ever get one without some of what some people are going to decry as "special benefits" for women. Exactly. TIN~ Check out the stats regarding women in politics, associate women professors, women in PhD programs...
And, who's supposed to do the educating? And, why are women responsible for breaking down stereotypes?
Quote: Originally Posted by plunky The problem with this, IMHO, is that it is a common distraction. Every time people discuss feminism in public they shouldn't be expected to make disclaimers like "don't worry I think everyone should be equal" or "yeah, guys are cool, too". If you were to go read a popular blog like pandagon or something you'd be amazed how common this distraction is. This morning, for instance, I read this entryl, which talks about...
It is hard to read tone...I understand. You're right, growing up does not equal empathy. However, it does take time for children to develop a sense of empathy, no? I think that most kids will learn to take other peoples feelings into consideration at some point. And, usually it is through spending time with other people.
Are you talking to me? 'Cause I have been nice throughout this discussion.
Quote: Originally Posted by homeschoolingmama le. Say my daughter hits her brother. Before I would send her to a time out. Instead of noticing how it made her brother feel she was thinking how she was upset that she was put there. She was focusing on herself. Now I will ask her why she hit him. Then I will ask her what she could have done differently. I also point out how it made her brother feel. TO ME this is common sense but I just didn't...
Yeah, I think it's unusual for a 15 month old to wake up every 1.5 hours. This isn't an infant, but a toddler. There's no immediate need and children need sleep. Teething could be an issue, though I doubt it would cause that kind of sleep pattern.
Quote: Originally Posted by homeschoolingmama The book made me see things in a new light. I have always leaned towards his philosophy but it is like a light went on. It rang so true. A lot of what he says is common sense but it didn't occur to me until I read it. The book has made me see situations in a new way. I had a lot of A HA moments while reading it. Ok, I'll bite--if it's common sense, why did it not occur to you?
Quote: Originally Posted by GuildJenn With Supernanny, I find her making things into long power struggles with a lot of screaming and a need for control are some of the cultural things I would like challenged - basically, the idea that the best way to establish respect and thoughtful behaviour is via punishment, reward, and parents "winning battles." I actually find the win/lose dynamic pretty destructive. I assume you mean wrt parenting, and...
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