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It sounds like Kohn is envious of Supernanny's success! LOL And, a few links to studies would be warranted, here: Quote: In the course of researching a book about parenting, I discovered some disconcerting research on the damaging effects of techniques like the “naughty corner” (better known as time-out), which are basically forms of love withdrawal. I also found quite a bit of evidence that parents who refrain from excessive control and rely instead on...
Quote: Originally Posted by honeydee Now it is simply crap that doesn't even remotely taste good to me. I'll eat it only in a there-is-absolutely-no-other-food-in-a-20-mile-radius kind of situation. Oh, so, after all that, you admit you would eat it?
Now, I adore my husband... My 'Dave' is Peter...sometimes, my mind wanders. He was soooooo bad for me, yet, I would have walked over flaming hot coals, just to sit next to him. (I'm sorry, M).
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I have an appointment tomorrow. I'll call and check if they have a tip policy before I leave. Ah...I've been sooooo looking forward to this! Gawd, I wish I were you! Enjoy your massage! BTW, 20% is what I have paid in the past (the very distant past), for spa services.
Quote: Originally Posted by MLinPDX He barely does the bare minimum for me: Distracting the kids for an hour while I make dinner (although they usually end up in the kitchen several times anyway) and keeping them from being killed once a week while I wash my hair. I say "Keeping them from being killed" because the younger one usually ends up crying at the bathroom door and he does nothing about it other than yelling at her to "Come Here". Oh yea, and...
Cucumbers. I can't give them away fast enough. Tomatos are a close second. Still green, but lookin' good. Still waiting on the pumpkins...but they are growing nicely!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by partymoo I love you. : :
Quote: Originally Posted by partymoo It's great that there are so many champions for the underdog. The world needs more of you. And I mean that. But any other thread about any other thing that left anyone feeling threatened, and people would have been quoting The Gift of Fear and telling her it's of the utmost importance to listen to her gut, and screw everybody's feelings, just protect you & yours, K Mama? I'm pretty sure the OP's officially feeling...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ironica You NEED the fat in the dressing to absorb all those important vitamins, too! Oh yes, good point! Mmmmmm....salads.
Have you checked under your bed? In your sheets, caught somewhere between the frame and mattress? The washer? Did you put it in a pocket?
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