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Is this a mass posting thread?
Thanks for sharing your moving story!!!! and Kudos to you!
Bienvenida! Ya encontraste nuestro rinconcito hispanoparlante... siempre escribimos n una sola hilacha, muy heterogenea... I hope you have a good time at MDC! Monica
Thank you ladies!!! I'll try, let's see what happens... Monica
Hi... Any wise momma have any advice on how to remove cande wax from fabric (my tablecloth) I thought of heating (with an iron maybe?) but I would like someone to tell me it will work... It is a fair amount... sort of a cookie sized hard piece... Thanks! Monica
Excelent topic!
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I see the reason, ok. I thought the maximum allowed could be changed independently of the default value, but if that is not the case I understand your point. Sorry to have bothered you, and thabk you for making MDC happen... this place rocks! Monica
Hello... I wrote about this after the board chages back in april, and I just got a "can't be done" for an answer... But I'm stubborn and I'm trying again: How do I save whole threads? I used to select "show printable version" "show all ### posts from this thread in one page" and save it with my browser... Now there is a limit to only 40 posts per page, and I really want to save longer threads... I am sure this 40 posts limit can be changed in the server, if wanted. Is...
:LOL What? you mean there are times when he's NOT in the mood? So, when he wants it now, he asks for it directly (I don't know the right words, english is my second languague.... but I would probably be embarrased write it anyway!) He too is always finding dirty analogies and second meanings to *any thing* that happens.... He can be romantic too, and then what I like most is him standing behind me while I'm busy in the kitchen and hugging and kissing my neck ...
Hi Suami, I'm sorry for your loss too. I have one example that agrees with that study you mentioned: My grandmother died the day after her 10th grandchild was born. It was always very significant to me.
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