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How old is baby now? 9 weeks 5 days What size clothes are they wearing? 3 - 6 mos What do they weigh right now (or the most recent weigh in)? probably 14 + llbs How many total hours are they sleeping now every day? 21 I'd say, he sleeps a lot, he is going a 7 hours stretch at night now. If you are using cloth, what size are you in now? size 2 (tots bots motherease etc) and medium fuzzis Do they roll with a purpose yet? (not counting 'falling' from belly to...
Quote: Originally Posted by firewoman DDC crashing but I think it is great and if someone doesn't "get it" that's their problem! It's Christmastime! If I had a friend who sent me something for xmas and then thought, well sod them if they don't 'get it', I'd have to re-evaluate their friendship! I just think that if you are making the card yourself, you have an opportunity to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. Humour is...
honestly? the photo is absolutely perfect in every way. BUT I have to agreee with zinemama. It's funny, but really old now and I would rather get something sincere and heartfelt at Christmas time. But I'm an old softie.
Quote: Originally Posted by ElliesMomma for sure, you will make a lot of mistakes with your first. but that doesn't mean you won't make mistakes with your second, too. just possibly different mistakes. AND your third!!
definitely DON'T wake him from naps. Babies need lots of sleep during the day, if they don't get enough of it then they are wakeful at night and find it harder to settle. This is a common mistake parents make. Keeping them up during the day does not necessarily mean they will sleep during the night. Usually as the day goes on babies will stay awake for longer periods of time, and have their longest period before bedtime. It IS confusing, and there is a lot of trial and...
Ozzie is 8 weeks old and basically I nurse him, cuddle him, about 5 minutes of booping his nose to get a smile and that's it. He sleeps the rest of the time. I have two older kids that need a lot more of my attention.
Ozzie has it on his eyebrows as well. Best thing to do to remove cradle cap (all 3 of my kids had it quite thickly) - have a long bath with them so the area is very damp, the cradle cap will turn soft. For the eyebrows you can wipe it off with a wash cloth. With the head I wash it to loosen it up and then run a lice comb over it gently. Takes it right off. Afterwards I rub olive oil into it.
yeah, Ozzie rolled at the 6 week mark. he's enormous though.
they are lovely. Here's Oscar newborn newborn Ozzie and at 6 weeks (I take photos every month for the first year of their lives) 6 week old Ozzie
I can completely relate to this - my husband was the same after our first was born. It's quite a shock for first time dads, they don't have 9 months of pregnancy to prepare for the arrival and then when baby arrives it takes up all of your time. Some dads react quite badly and I'm sorry yours is making things difficult. You should talk to him and let him know that you need a hand with the baby, but that you understand he needs time to adjust. I can tell you though that...
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