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My DD is just 20mths old, but she likes movies like TLK I and II, Bambi, Cars, Brother Bear, Tarzan etc. The only princess films that she have seen and that I know she likes are, Cinderalla and The Little Mermaid.
I'm doing a project, and I already have the names in Arabic, I'll like to have them in Hebrew so, could you do it? Here are the names: Renata Osireth Silvia Auken
Oh, you can use: mi ex esposo or mi ex marido
I love DD's names of course But we also like Sergi Alexi Pauli Auken(Dh's name and it's prnounced (AH-ken) Ersbett Camille Clemencé Maji(Ma-hii) Rosie May Malula Eva Dael(but it's Mil's name so it will never happen, it's beautiful though) taire Silvana Diego Mariano Ivan Carime
I'm 25 DH turned 42 on Jan 1
When she was 4months old she'll say "paipaipaipai" so she meant "dad and she also sad "mamamamama" but when she was 7 months old she'll say it correctly "papai and "mãe" I'm waiting for DD2 though maybe in two more months
In May2006, we travelled from Poland to Portugal, but the difference is hat we made a stop in ever country and we stayed days in each country, but it was easy to entratain her, we have screens in the car and we can put DVD's and DD found amuzing at the fact that she could see the same movie in a lot of screens, she had fun lol Music, lots of music, her favourite toys.
DD never crawled she began walking at 10mths
Hello! Reth turned 2 months yesterday, she's smiling and giggling already, she's over 11lbs now I think. Here's a picture of her that I took yesterday: Pretty in Pink Wd had fun this morning: Bubbles 7 weeks Agian, DH's genes won over
I'm listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAuFT-MbDjM It's a song in Polish from the lion king II that DD loves, I've listen to that song for hours becuase if I pause it or something that has to do with DD not listening to the song, she will scream and scream and I have an horrible headache right know and I will notl ike her to scream. She plays that hs'es the little lion and DH the big one lol
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