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So, I left an intro a few weeks ago about how my hubby and I had decided to leave it up to God. Well, we found out last week that we are expecting baby number 4! Little did we know when we decided to "leave it up to Him" that we had probably already conceived We are very excited! And now I am exhausted and nauseous and taking care of 3 little ones - prayers please!
looking forward to hearing from you gunter! I made an appointment to go talk with her next week, but always like to hear first hand recommendations too
did you end up using them? i am looking for a homebirth midwife and wondered if i should call them.
I wish I had known i was pregnant last week so i would have gone! I just posted a new thread asking about homebirth midwives around the triangle - please pm me if you have any recommendations!
I have had 2 homebirths in SC, but recently moved to Garner NC and I am looking for a homebirth midwife here. CPM or CNM is fine with me. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.
Hi all! I am Jaclyn, mother of 3 littles - Aubrey, 3 1/2, Oliver 18 months, and Laylah who we are adopting from foster care who is 12 months (she has been in our home since birth). We have been married for almost 6 years. We had been married for 1 year, using birth control pills, when I ran across an article about how the pill was an abortifacient. I was stunned, and after much prayer and research, my hubby and I decided to trust in God's timing for our family. 3 months...
I would definitely say 3 months is not long. We were approved for 11 months before we got our first call and we had very few restrictions either - boy or girl, 0-5 years old. We never thought they would call us. And then one night at dinner, we got the call
Wow. I finally got my new tat. I went to Trinity Tattoo near Hearon Circle, Buck did it, and it is so awesome. He did an excellent job. I highly recommend him!
I am soooo excited to see this post! We are moving to the Raleigh area this summer, and I have been wondering if I would find a doc there who would be fine with my kiddos not being vaxed. I will definitely make an appointment when we move!
I think that compared to other parts of the country, greenville and upstate sc hasn't been too affected. Home prices are about the same, because there had never been a real estate bubble here. A lot of jobs in the upstate are manufacturing though, so if this recession continues, I'm sure some of the plants will be closing. HTH!
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