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Quote: Originally Posted by granolamomma Grapefruitseed extract is great for thrush (and a lot around the house). I 2nd this. I use GSE for everystinkingthing in the house internally and externally! Even knocked out strep w/ it, as well as ear infections. The stuff is unbelievable!
Switched to a spice container (emptied out the expired pumpkin spice), and it's working verrrrrry well for me. I sprinkle it on my head to poo, or in my hand to mix w/ honey to scrub my face w/ once a week. Out of the shower, I sprinkle some in my hand to rub on the pits. I use the small shorty container.
Quote: Originally Posted by marymamma What is the difference between Diva Model #1 and Model #2? Not much. I broke the "rules" and used DD's new cup (smaller) until mine arrived. I'm over 30, and had 2 vag births, and had NO issues w/ her smaller cup on my first round w/ it. Go w/ the recommended one, just in case. I'm a kegel freak, and have done them my whole life, so maybe that's why I got away w/ the smaller one.
Quote: Originally Posted by magstphil thanks for this! i had thought i wanted a Kepper because it looked more sturdy but after reading your posts i've decided to try the Diva out. The great thing about Keeper is it is natural gum rubber. Wish I weren't allergic!!!! So, I'm a Diva instead (and Moon backs her up if I need it).
Quote: Originally Posted by MsElle07 The voice of dissent here... I did not care for it or find it moisturizing at all. Ditto. I like MyChelle's big FAT tube of Guava Orange Vanilla. It has all things goooooood. All that, and moisture too!
Quote: Originally Posted by minkajane Why do people think menstrual cups are gross? Because you reuse them? But it's not gross to stuff a cylinder of bleached and chemically treated paper into your vagina? I have had that response from many when I openly talk about cups. Most are intrigued, especially when I tell them how people once thought tampons were gross when they first came out (and that thinking should have kept on!), and what is gross...
My fave hair treatment is the no-poo. I'm having such fun experimenting w/ it, and finding NO need for "deep" anything. About once every 4 weeks, I bs/acv, then "condition" w/ honey. About every week or two, I might treat myself to "suds" and wash w/ a goat's milk bar, castile bar, or black soap, followed by the "normal" routine of............washing w/ conditioner mixed w/ brown sugar (thanks, Gina) every other day. Every day, I spray lavender water into my hair after...
I didn't trim mine at all, but DD trimmed hers off all the way (13 1/2 years old). I trimmed Moon to what Diva is from top to bottom, and its fine. I just prefer Diva. If I lost her, Moon is there to catch my back!
I looked through all of the ones at Whole Foods, and hope I don't get in trouble for saying which one I chose! I chose it because it was the smallest size (therefor cheapest at $8, and I didn't want to spend a lot if my skin wouldn't have reacted well to it or made me oilier). The other considering factor was it has a spray pump (more of a spritz), which pumped out just enough for me to rub all over my hands to apply all over my face and neck. Not too much, not too...
OOOH, you made me hungry! I'll be a poor kid if I can get some of your muffins!
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