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Wow, and I'd have thought it was the 3rd doll made of that kind, like a collectible! My daughter hasn't played w/ dolls in years, but collected them. I'm guilty of actually liking the "new doll smell" on the plastic, which is WRONG, but I just do!
I wish I could say that hanging clothes when I was growing up left them w/out wrinkles........as our ironing board was a fixture or piece of furniture back then! I would still line dry if hubby would support it, but he won't (and if I were home full time). It's much easier on the clothes, and they last longer. Sheets on the line??? Now, you're talking!
Another vote for Nature's Miracle, for years now, after working in a pet shop, and now being owned by 2 dogs!
I loathe shaving, since I first started as a young teen. My pits NEVER heal, because of sensitive skin. Hair has always always made me itchy and irritated, so I started waxing years ago. I got sick of the cost, so went back to shaving legs and plucking pits, and just trimming hoohah w/ clippers. Remembered hating stubble legs, and tried the sandpaper deal that didn't work. Burned myself too many times to count on misc creams every time a new one came out, even up to...
Jojoba "oil" is actually a wax, but looks like an oil. It is most known to be closest to your skin's natural oils in it's makeup. If you provide moisture to your skin, it will not rebel and overproduce oil...........which I learned the hard way, even growing up AND working in the beauty industry. I will say about the black soap, from what I remember, my face did go through an adjustment period after coming off of some salon cleanser. My skin did feel dry back then, but...
I've had an electronic lice comb for 8 years, and it worked wonders. I even sent it to daycare. It's called the RobiComb (I think), and it puts off this high frequency sound while it's on, and if it becomes silent, it means a bug or egg is caught and dead. I still have it, just in case, but haven't needed it. When I was treating the house, I used it every day for 2 weeks, in case an egg was left behind, so it would catch any missed hatchlings. I got it at a pharmacy,...
Most def! I'm looking to order the same one, since the one's I've used are from Bare Minerals. I love them, but since they became such a big name, my brushes have been shedding, which saddens me. They never used to before. So, you shopped for MY list! Good going!
Yeah, it has always previously dried me out. But, I haven't tried it for deodorant, and haven't used it for moisturizer in years, so maybe I've changed, or need to try a different brand. I found an organic one I'm saving to make soap, but will be dipping into it first, for experiments on my hair and skin!
Depending on the weather, I use unrefined shea (pea size on moist skin). I tried jojoba last night and today, and think I might be in love.............
When your budget allows for it, get a kabuki. They are lovely, and provide for a flawless application and coverage!
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