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I used to use BioKleen too, and love their products. Can't say a bad thing about them. I just love making my own when I can now!
If it wasn't pure honey, they would have to list the other ingredients. I have every faith and confidence that you're safe!
I just pulled one offline, and there's one on the Natural Home and Body Care forum. I use a bar of grated soap (was Ivory, and now castile) heated on the stove w/ enough water to cover. When it's melted, add it to 2-3 gallons of hot water. Stir well, and add a cup of Oxi (whatever your fave or cheapest is), and a cup of A&H WASHING soda (not baking soda). Stir it all up and let it sit. It will look kinda like egg drop soup in texture the next day!
Quote: Originally Posted by 1growingsprout gave 4 kids haircuts... at 12$ each plus tips i saved over $50.... dh says i can get a pedicure next week (pedi's are 20$ so thats great) Be VERY careful about where you go to get pedi's and AVOID "discount/nonstandard salons" if you can. PM me if you want more info on how to protect yourself in "saving money" in a salon. I'm in the industry, and am also an educator in the industry. If you...
I filed 8 years ago, and they LITERALLY sent me a credit card offer WITH the final judgment! NO joke. The trap is....................you can get credit for most anything after you file.......................because you can NOT file again for at least 7 years, so they WILL get their money. On some credit reports, it may still show up for 10 years. IF you are wise, and immediately start out w/ good credit, it will show good faith. You should also know that when you are...
I make my own laundry detergent, and will NEVER go back to store bought. It runs about a penny a load, and when I add extras (bs or oxy), I'm still looking at less than 5 cents a load on an "expensive day". Gets DH's gym "funk" out better than my Tide HE ever did in my front load washer. Go for it! You can have about 3 gallons made in a half hour! I spent about $10 on stuff to make it, and not even 1/3 of the way through my supplies, and have made 10 gallons of...
I had an Enviro Steamer that I LOVED. I had it for years, then allowed it to collect dust, then it got beat up from kids trying to ride it, and I had to part ways w/ it. I would highly recommend one for any purpose. I was addicted to it for cleaning everything!
I have an HE front-loader, and was using Tide (and tried others) and opted to make my own soap for about a penny per load. Biokleen is exceptional, and I wouldn't think there should be a problem continuing to use it.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricaLeigh I used to use Bare Essentials Minerals until I found Sheer Miracle. That is now what I use & if you get in on a coop it is soooo cheap! I like it better than BE! I'll check it out to sample too, but will first read the ingredients and all the "stuff" about it! Thanks!
The A&H bs is lovely because it IS fine. If you put it in a shaker jar (like recycled parmesan cheese shaker), you can sprinkle it on your hair, and "wash" your scalp w/ it. Then, you can pour a cup of the vinegar of your choice (Spastica recommends white vinegar for lighter hair, and regular acv for dark hair). I personally use the Bragg's organic unfiltered acv. I don't mind the floaties and such attaching to my hair for a few minutes in the shower. They aren't...
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