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Well, my SO and I have split up. We have a 16 month DD together and have been together for four years. We agree that we should seperate. He basically isn't in love with me anymore and is sick of the arguing and feels I am not the person he is meant to be with. I on the other hand am feeling all these emotions from hate to so much love for him. We made this decsion a week ago. I have cried everyday since. It a lot harder than I ever expected. We have had really good...
DD is 15 months and does not watch any t.v. We tried the Baby Bach etc. and she just isn't interested. She would rather read, or color or something else.
Someone told dh that our dd shouldn't eat tofu too much. What??? She loves it. Has smart dogs and tofu like 3-4 times a week. Is this a bad thing?
Thanks we've been giving her a brand from Trader Joe's it is a bit expensive. Oakhurst has a pledge on it but, I don't know how they treat the cows.
If you use organic what brand is it. Do you give your children cows milk or something else(besides momma milk). Does it all the vitiamins in it. If you are in new England and use organic what brand and where do you buy it. TIA
What milk do you use? Is it organic? If you are in New England where do you buy it and how much does it cost? TIA
My dd is a monkey. We had to move my nursing stool because she climed that and then got in the rocking chair. If she see any stairs she climbs them. She tried to climb our c.d. rack. She is a monkey.
I have a question. Where do there legs go when they are two and three and rear facing. DD is 12 months and feet are smashed into the back seat.
Do you use organic? What brand? If your in New England what brand and where do you buy it. If you use something other than cows milk what is it, besides momma milk. What does your ped. think about your choice. Does it have all the vitamins babe needs. thanks ladies.
People I know with babes the same age as ours (9 months) talk about their babes watching videos. It makes me crazy. Why does a 9 month old need to watch a video. At first I thought our babe was weird cuz she never paid attention to the t.v. I put on Baby Mozart and she could have cared less. So no t.v. for a long time. I feel some programs could be educational. Like PBS did this thing where they took 21st century families and put them "in" the 18th century. Very...
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