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My now 7 yr old son has been going online since he was about four or five yrs old.  He doesn't have email & doesn't interact with others.  He plays games & does internet searches & watches a lot of videos including youtube.
I do, I don't think it's really that bed.  Most things in moderation are  OK & some shows are better than others.
my 6 yr old is like that all day long.  I ask him if he's done eating & remind him that this is meal time & his last chance to eat for the night or till the next meal.  He often wants to eat later, depending on how much he ate sometime I tell him no & he'll have to wait for the next meal or morning or I let him have something that needs minimal prep like a bowl of cereal, an apple or carrots.  It doesn't always work but it's a constant struggle for me & I have to pick &...
I'm definitely not a young mom, but I think they are OK.  For me it also depends on the child & why she wants them.  I would use it to open a conversation ask her why she likes them?  what do those sayings mean to her?  what kind of reaction is she expecting & warn her about the type of reaction she might get & what they might mean to others who see them.  Who knows she might decide not to wear them herself except only around friends or at home.
It sounds like co-sleeping is not really your thing & that's OK.  I wanted to co-sleep before my son was born, but never mentioned it to hubby for fear he wouldn't be receptive.  He actually brought up the subject (I have no idea where he learned about it) and thought it would be nice.  My hubby works a lot of hours & it gives him more time to spend with our son.  Also on the weekends we could relax in bed with him & there was no rush to get up.  As he got older he would...
I went through the same thing a month ago.  I had to sleep sittin up on the sofa & the only way I could fall asleep was watching the TV.  I woke up every hour or two, it really sucked.  You might want to talk to your doc.  I ended up resorting to decongestant & it turned out I had a sinuse infection & when that cleared up I got an ear infection.  I ended up seeing an ENT & my hearing is not back 100% yet.
I tried Funk butter & it irritated my underarms, but I know lots of people who swear by it.  A lot of the natural deoterants either give me a rash or make my underarms sticky.  I mostly use Kiss my face liquid rock roll-on or a crystal rock.  I have never heard that the crystal rock has aluminum it does has Alum.  Deoterants will not stop you from sweating though only an antipersprerant will do that & most have aluminum & other chemicals.  I have used a toms calledulla...
I have paper towels in my kitchen, but use very little & a roll last me a long long time.  We use cloth napkins, sponges & I cut up old towels to use as rags for cleaning.  If it's really messy I do use a paper towel & most of them are used by my hubby for really dirty garage type cleanups.
It sounds like before you go to the hospital you need to find a doctor that will support your wishes & use this time left to build a relationship.  I had a mostly non medicated birth with my son 4 years ago.  My doc knew exactly what I wanted & I had a midwife as my doula.  My water broke 4 weeks early & I didn't go into labor so I had to have pitocin.  No one tried to talk me into anything.  When I was in extreem pain they did ask if I wanted anything / epidural...
I'm in So. Cal.
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