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My bb's aren't huge by any means, but I had to wear a sports bra + a tank top w/ a built-in shelf bra at first. Luckily for me I didn't have to do it forever because as time went on and my supply regulated, my bb's weren't as cumbersome
I for sure don't think Cadence/Cady is too close to Caden. I like the name Cadence and since I'm not musically inclined, I don't even think of it as a musical term. Have you ever considered spelling it Kadence or Kadynce or something to help give it a different feel? Even if you prefer the "C" spelling, it would be no different than someone who enjoys hunting naming his son Hunter (which I know people who have done that!!) If you love a name, use it!!!
I definitely see a line in the last picture!! Congratulations!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bennoch My babe is 9 mo old. I've been at work FT since she was 4 mo old. I've been nursing & pumping the whole time so she's only had BM - no formula. However, my supply seems to have taken a recent hit and my once massive freezer stash will run out by the end of the month. I would like to BF for at least a year. In my mind I'm realizing that I thought I could do only BM for a year (no formula) but now that is looking...
Oh, man, that must be awful. My 9 mo old has her 2 bottom teeth and has bit me pretty good a few times, which hurts like h***, but fortunately it's not repeatedly like your case. The only thing I've heard to quit biting is to take baby off, say no, and then try again - but it sounds like you are doing that. Maybe use some Lansinoh cream to help them heal?
My 2 are 4y2m apart, which is working splendid for us. I am positive thart 4 mo. is not going to make a bit of a difference And who knows, it might not happen on the first try, so you might end up right at that 4 year spacing anyway!
I've had plugged ducts there before, so I feel your pain - ouch! A dermatologist certainly isn't going to help you here! I hope you get better real soon
Quote: Originally Posted by MilkTrance Bless you sweetie. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I wish I'd been as wise as you in school. Took me a few years to be as smart as you. Ditto!!!!
Is there a possibility that they will buy it back from you? Or could you rent it out? Try a board like redweek.com -- if it's paid for, as long as you could rent it out for as much as your annual expenses are it might be okay (in case you might want to use it in the future).
I had unexplained infertility and Clomid helped me (3rd cycle) I did 50 mg. on CD 3-7 (I think!) Supposedly, Clomid helped to give me a stronger ovulation. Not quite sure what that means.
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