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  Exactly!!! :)
Pretty please with cherries on top?? 
Um, I think you should do it, but I might be ever so slightly biased since it means I might get to actually see you. If you do I will totally come to San Fran, or you are always welcome here too. I've been wanting a San Fran do over since when I was there last I fell and injured my foot and ankle really badly and all but ruined my trip. 
MF, so happy for you!! So glad you all were able to come to a good resolution.   I am stressing. We have an exchange student from China arriving next Thursday. She's 45 and has a son the same age as my oldest dd. She's staying for 10 weeks. Should be a great time, but I've got to get back into the groove of things as far as housecleaning and cooking so everything will run smoothly while she's here.    Did someone say McDonald's cake? Ew. :P 
OMG! I leave for a bit and all hell breaks lose! So sorry about your relationship woes, majik and ss. :( How sad.    Here's some chocolate stout ice cream with slivered almonds to go around. (I had some at an ice cream shop the other night and it was amazing.)    Life is just busy here. Dd1 is at camp and I've been working and keeping really busy so I don't think so much about missing her and worrying that they'll keep her alive. (Life threatening peanut allergy...
Whaaaaaaaaat??????? Where in the US?? I'm planning on doing a lovely coming of age ceremony/party for dd in October. It would be so cool if you were here. :D Eek. 
I can't tell you how many times I've pondered buying a plane ticket.    
Bummer, ss! But at least the abx will clear it up quickly. I got a mutant form of strep about a year and a half ago (oddly during a period very similar to what you're going through now) and ended up in the ER and had to get a pencillin shot in my butt as I couldn't even swallow the pills. My throat was so swollen, and the body aches were like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was awful.    I am all for lovers of pie joining in our fun! My hubby recently made a...
Thanks! I've missed y'all! :)    Sorry, majik. :( That sounds really rough. Run away with me? ;) Thanks for the cake!! Delish.    Thanks, bas! How are things in your world these days?      I had a lovely vegetarian brunch at a great restaurant today, and enjoyed hipster watching while I ate. :lol My oldest dd isn't feeling well so we're just hanging out. I might go thrifting for a bit. I'm bored. 
Agreed!! Woot, woot. :D    I am really, really grumpy. We should be on vacation right now. We rented a cabin in the mountains, spent about 15 horrible hours in it (really long story) and went home. Then we all got sick. Boohoo. Poor me. We're now just planning to stay home and do fun stuff around town. Went and saw Mr. Popper's Penguins today. It was just okay, but the kids enjoyed it.    Cake! Give me cake! I would like something with dark chocolate and caramel...
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