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I needed a smile tonight too. Having a bad brain injury day and had to miss out on Romeo and Juliet in the park. :(    Gimme some cake! And a stiff drink. 
ss, go for it with the lady! :) I'm a lesbian leaning bisexual as well. Lol. Like witchygrrl if dh and I ever split up I think I would exclusively date women.    It's been so long I don't even know where to start with me. We hosted an exchange student from Brazil for 6 weeks this winter and it was AWESOME. Such a great experience. And we were offered an exchange student from Mexico for the whole summer but sadly had to decline because I have been trying to heal from...
I've got the house all to myself and I really want to go watch an episode of Medium. I'll come back, I promise. I've got stories to tell, not involving kool-aid or knee socks though, sadly.
Why helloooooooo, my darlings! Lo and behold I am actually eating chocolate chip cookies (organic, whole wheat, dairy free, agave sweetened) with honey vanilla coconut milk ice cream that I made. Sooooooo good.    I am going to have to catch up with all the oldies and meet all these newbies. :) 
Am I pregnant? Anyone can answer.
Thanks, Leah. I'll put the URL in my profile. Poor dh - the girls just discovered the pipes under their bathroom sink are leaking. He's in there trying to figure it out. You did comment, mf!
Heyo! My oldest dd has been really sick all week, and took her in yesterday to find she has a massive double ear infection. The doc took one look and said, "Um, has any fluid come out of her ears?" Ew. So she is miserable and on a really strong abx that is causing weird side effects (total loss of bladder control) which the doc is saying can't be related to the med, but hello, she's never, ever had that problem before. Grr. We are going to just rest and relax all weekend...
I jumped back in at just the right moment, apparently. I don't know where I've been. But I came back. That's what counts, right? I missed you all.
Yes, pixie, it's possible.
New Posts  All Forums: