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Quote: Originally Posted by fremontmama I like Nick Hornby usually, but I felt the same way about this book, if I remember correctly. This was written from a female perspective right? Maybe he's best off writing from a male perspective. I will definitely give his other books a read. I love the movies High Fidelity and About a Boy. And I think you are right. There were moments where I felt he just didn't quite get the female perspective right.
How to be Good by Nick Hornby Just okay. There were definitely some funny parts, and I appreciated the wit, but I just never felt attached to the characters. I was disappointed with the ambiguous ending.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie meanwhile, back at the ranch... I got a phonecall from DW, saying that she wants to get back together and move up here permanently. I decide to check in on y'all and the first thing I read is THIS. : JK. I'll TRY to be happy for you. I suppose I can't really talk at this point. Sorry I've been MIA yet again. Life is so crazy. I have been working out a ton, but can't this week because of an...
Oh, pixie, I'm so, so sorry. I've been there. It's so hard. Lots of hugs! Ruth, I hope everything gets worked out. That is crazy! Hugs all around!
Still Alice by Lisa Genova Bufomander's pick for book club. Loved it. It was so heartbreaking, yet so well written. I have experience caring for an Alzheimer's patient, and I found it to be very true to life. There were several poignant moments that made me catch my breath. Highly recommended.
I finished one in August and forgot to post. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris It was pretty good. I know this is probably dumb, but the outdated styles were really bugging me. I kept thinking maybe it was written circa 1995, but it's more recent than that. I mean, banana clips? C'mon. Other than that I thought it was relatively enjoyable. I did think it was strange though that Sookie couldn't figure out sooner who the killer was, what with her special gift...
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad You guys are all like sisters to me. Annoying, weird and frustrating sisters.... : I do believe that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to us, md. : I'm all choked up. Congrats on the bike riding, mf! My almost 11yo still can't ride one.
Hey everybody! I see some interesting discussions have been going on.
<----------- I feel so loved! : I still don't know who did "true friend" though. I know one of my IRL friends did the other.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad Yeah, not FB's thread any more.... *stickes his finger very very close but not touching Sunshine* Not touching, can't get mad. Not touching, can't get mad. Not touching, can't get mad. When we were kids my older brother used to hit me and if I would cry he'd say, "If you wouldn't flinch it wouldn't hurt so much." Then hit his own arm to demonstrate how it didn't hurt him.
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