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Sorry I didn't ketchup. I'm a mess. Had my therapy appt today and I'm going back Monday, and she basically insinuated that I may need to go to rehab. I came home and got rid of all the alcohol in the house. Well, it's in a box in the back of my car. I'll probably give it to a friend. I know I can do this, and it's for the best. I have been pretty neglectful of my kids the last few months. I mean, I take care of them, but I haven't exactly been super involved and they...
Hey friends! Sorry I've yet again not been around. I'm working on getting my sh!t together. Just joined the gym on Saturday, and just got back from working out. Feels great! I had a dr. appt yesterday and have another one Friday (I have a weird growth in a somewhat embarrassing place, so probably going to get it removed and possibly biopsied), and start therapy on Friday too. Busy, busy, busy! Had the yummiest salad for lunch - mixed greens and herbs, crumbled...
Aw, thanks. I'm doing okay.
You all are making me giggle. I needed a good giggle. I think I've finally hit bottom with all this partying and drinking. Making a therapy appointment today. Might eventually have to change my username.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie so you're housesitting in a weird animal S&M resort??? Good one.
Ruth, sorry to hear about your boob. I would definitely want to know if it was benign or not! 6 months seems crazy. MF, tell us how your trip was! Glad I make you smile, bas. Sweets, can I get a big, tall glass of water? I'm still trying to recover from Friday night's all nighter. Ugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie : NO LURKING ALLOWED! : omgimissedyousomuchwhydidyouleaveforsolonghowwasyo urtripdidyoumissme
Quote: Originally Posted by kosheng hey, bethie!! thought of you yesterday, remembered the day. i've been sorting through clothes and purging like crazy, and had a stack of maternity stuff building to loan/give to my sister when i found a shirt that i bought to replace "our" shirt that got lost in the bowels of the postal service somewhere. and the replacement shirt (which was nowhere near as cool looking as the original) had a big giant gnaw mark...
I just realized that it's the one year anniversary of my miscarriage. Feeling a little today.
Quote: Originally Posted by sacredmama No worries, Beth! Can't wait to see the haircut! boobies, boobies, boobies, boobies... :nana: Quote: Originally Posted by sweetsunshine85 Its the first bra size chat since I joined... Seems like we've had a few. But it has been over two years now!!!! Hard to believe. :
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