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Why do we so often get caught up on bra size around here? Sorry I can't come up tomorrow, Liz. We'll have to plan another day, and I'll have a cute new haircut to show off.
Quote: Originally Posted by basmom I miss the little green fairie too Ruth- glad you have your dental work done. Real food tomorrow? FB - let us know how the pizza is. I can't eat Pizza Hut pizza unless I am at home. It gives me, ahem...."intestinal distress"..... It was pretty good. Not as good as white crust, but pretty decent for whole grain. Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I'll eat real food whenever my mouth...
Quote: Originally Posted by sacredmama Hey! We had friends visiting, as well FB! Then I went and stayed w/other friends while my car got fixed. I'm turning back into my old party girl self. I summer fun!!! I am apparently discovering my party girl self. Things are getting a little bit out of control around here. : I just woke up from a 2 hour nap and then ordered Pizza Hut. Haven't had their pizza in several years, but they have a...
Oh, and mamasgroovin, go right ahead. :nana:
Hey all! Sorry I haven't been around. We had family here for a few days, and they just left. I browsed but didn't really ketchup. I'm trying to get these girlies ready so we can go to the mall. I need bras.
Turkey boob. Nice.
Feeling a bit better today, thanks all. I really wanted to go see Gaelic Storm at the local Irish Festival tonight, but I don't think it's going to happen. Oh well. Cool videos.
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer Not too impressed. I felt like the book could have been a third of the length that it was. It was a ton of build-up and then somewhat anti-climactic. I'll still read Breaking Dawn just to see what happens, though.
Of course, LTB! All welcome! : I've had a rough day. Time to get dinner on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evergreen 1 pm isn't too early for hard liquor is it? It's 5 o' clock somewhere!
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