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Quote: Originally Posted by sacredmama Bethy, babay!! Have you tried contacting the registry to see if they mailed you the stickers? At least you live somewhere where you can order in. I'm about to go to Kind Coffee in Estes. Jealous? Yeah, we called them and they sent them out. They just won't get here. Hopefully not lost in the mail. The last time dh submitted it online they were here in two days. It's been almost two weeks....
Hiya! Welcome, newbies. Tanyam, I have totally had days like that! My youngest was a total carseat hater. She would just scream her guts out, and my nerves would be shot. That is so hard! Hey, becoming, come back! Long time no "see." Hi, Evergreen! Sorry about the headaches. I haven't been able to drive my car all month because I'm waiting for my dumb registration stickers. Stuck at home again today, and we desperately need groceries. I should have gone...
Just click the little " button on all the posts you want to reply to, then hit "post reply." Then type in between the quotes.
Quote: Originally Posted by basmom Rejects rejected!?!? Sad, huh? Okay, new thread started.
No rules, except please use multi-quote when responding to lots of posts. Jump on in.
Okay, I'll start a new one.
I was told that we can join another of the friendship/chat threads, or start a new one. Preference? (Sorry to hijack - there's just no way to get ahold of everyone and it looks like some wandered over here. )
Inkheart by Cornelia Funke Really fun book! I did feel at points that it was a little longer than it needed to be, but overall I really enjoyed it. Very imaginative and inventive.
I'm down 4lbs! Dh said last night that I looked thinner so I weighed and was happily surprised. Woohoo! I've got a few days to get rid of one more.
Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella Cute. I liked The Undomestic Goddess a bit more, but this one was funny too.
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