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Quote: Originally Posted by supercrunch We picked up a "tiara club" book today not exactly what I would have picked...but I am not a super girly 6 year old I let dd read a bit of it tonight for her reading log and while she read it well, she was not enjoying reading this book either. I am starting to think she really just doesn't enjoy reading. She would so much rather knock out a few math problems than read a few pages. She loves hearing a...
My dd took the CogAt but it was administered privately, not in a group setting. We were cyberschooling at the time, and it was just their policy to test everyone individually.
I've never been a video game fan, but I tried the Wii at my brother's house, and it is AWESOME. It is so interactive. You can actually get a good workout! My kids love it. We have our first system because he gave us his gamecube when he upgraded. The kids love it, too, but they ask to go to his house to play Wii. He just got the dance one and my 9yo dd loves it (and was beating everyone.)
Glad to have you! Participate, that is.
Welcome to MDC!
I really liked this episode. Felt like the old Grey's. And I liked seeing a storyline for Bailey. It seems she's been in the shadows for a long time.
What's up with this "WE" love you? You can't just get on here and speak for everybody!! Just kidding, of course! Happy Birthday, HK! :
Quote: Originally Posted by NewCrunchyDaddy That's ... um ... quite the book club selection. Far cry from Jane Eyre or Pride & Prejudice : I'm reading it, too. We have an AWESOME book club.
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