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I meant you should start the website you wished for. It could be huge, like Craigslist. You never know!
You should start one!
That about says it! I have a friend there who I'd like to get send a gift certificate to
Being the kind of people who want a few acres and are interested in homesteading, but dependent on the income of a professional career is presenting some unique challenges. In order for DH to work we need to be in reasonable commuting distances of (at least) mid-sized cities (probably 200-500k in population- so Orlando, Portland, those types of places would be okay, but it would be a struggle to go smaller. ) We lived in Ann Arbor, MI and I loved it, but DH won't go back...
I think the title says it all. We are cloth diaper users. We're about to have water rationing called by the gov. This is supposed to be the worst drought in recorded history where I live. We are pretty conscientious water users, turn the water off while you soap up kind of people, there isn't much we can cut back at this point. And while I am a big fan of EC and this does motivate me to step it up, at 4 mo, we 're just not there yet. Diaper washing consumes a lot of...
Maybe try a double hammock. Because the one side is shorter it's easy to keep tension with your knees, and the tight rail going over your shoulder keeps the baby glued down really well.
I've flown soooo many times with infants in wraps and have always had to remove them, UNTIL this September. For the first time ever, they didn't ask me to unwrap. It was pretty nice!
I would also imagine that part of the reason the nut-free policies have come about is because of the ubiquity of peanut butter as a kid lunch item combined with the deadliness of the allergy. It's not like shellfish is terribly common in lunch boxes. How many kids in a class room, or a school, have to be eating pb on a given day before it becomes too dangerous (in the minds of parents who disapprove of the bans) for kids with severe allergies to be there?
Mama- In sorry to hear about your continued pp woes I'm glad you're getting some decompression time though, and the knitting (though the circumstances could be better!) And I totally thought about putting this guy in a scale I have not been over to Berkley at all yet, but I really want to check it out. I'm told I'd probably really like it there, as the last place I lived (and loved) was actually modeled after Berkley. Please message me the name of your friends shop....
Your neighborhood sounds like mine. (Well, where my own home is, I just moved out of state to a rental). I totally agree with your post!
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