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Oooh! Enjoy it!
Some people swear by belly binding to get back to feeling right. I hope you can get back to running soon, E. I'm bet it will really help you feel better, you deserve some stress relief!
Gray-you've got a great attitude about it overall. I think that baby won't be too much longer! And we still want you, even if it's a September baby Cardigan-good luck!
Coffee- why did you have to stop with a cold?
Congrats Lady! So sorry for the rough handling. Cardigan, that's a hard row to to hoe. Was your Bishop Score high?
Sorry edelweiss. It can be a struggle to get a baby breastfeeding well. But even though today has been more difficult for you, you can still be excited about the tandem nursing yesterday. That's awesome! So maybe they won't do it for you today, that's okay. You can focus on feeding them seperately and getting each the best latch they can give you, and maybe tomorrow or the next day you'll get them to tandem again. Baby steps. You're doing an amazing job
I use FAM, so I'm always charting.
Well, at least his head looks nice. And to be fair, I was having contractions all day before that. They were just not that strong
That is crazy and awesome! I can't believe you walked into the hospital!! I would have loved to seen someone do that So what happens if there's VBAC #4? planned homebirth or an ambulance call? I'd be to scared to drive again XD
I'm sorry for everyone having such a hard time diva- my dh has zero chin, and it is a STRONG genetic trait. All of my babies are born with itty-bitty chins and tiny mouths, and I have really long nipples to boot. It's a terrible anatomical combination! My nipples are always a little sore at first, but as my milk comes in and they get bigger mouths, it gets better. I hope the same is true for you. Ea- I also like to use a post partum herb infusion in my peri bottle. It...
New Posts  All Forums: