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That's awesome, Jane! Congratulations!
Yay! Congratulations, graysmama!
I hear you. I love it too, and cutting it out sucks But even if they are sensitive to it, they may have a threshold so you can have some. That was really nice when I was nursing dd3, after having to be so militant with dd2. I could even have stuff like lasagna with dd3, if I remembered to take dairy digestive enzymes with it. Those really worked well for us if I wanted to have the occasional dairy heavy meal.I'm loving Callie's chubby cheeks!Crunchy- the babes have always...
Birth. Check out some of the EC threads!
Babies can engage in the pelvis "drop" weeks before labor begins. This is common in first time moms, but can happen for anyone.
My first two kids potty trained at a "normal" toddler time. They got a sticker everytime they peed in the potty to decorate it with. They got a mini m&m everytime they pooped. Dd1 loved the stickers and asked for them. Dd2 didn't care about them and after getting a few she kept using the potty, but didn't ask for them when I stopped offering. The m&m's were loved by both, but again, after a few days of consistency I stopped offering. They asked for a while, and would get...
That's tough. I think the only way you're going to be able to do it is a key outside. If you asked dd not to give it to anyone ever, including her dad, would that be appropriate? I don't know.
Mine do that. I had to completely remove dairy for one and limit it with another, but it didn't change the frequency of poops, it just made them a lot less fussy and it cleared up the mucous I was seeing from the damage to their intestinal lining. I've got this guy taking L. Ruteri and am off dairy, and he still goes every few days. But I've read that probiotics can help with that too.
Oh that sucks. I'm really sorry
I want to move to NZ
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