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The US is hat crazy. Drives me freaking batty that hospitals throw a hat on a baby and swaddle it pretty much as soon as leaves the birth canal. Who cares about bonding and breastfeeding instincts, anyway :/In Russia (or it could have been Japan, my good friend who was a resident alien there was actually Belarussian, so I never knew for sure which cultural tradition she was responding with unless I asked XD...) they think the same way about heat regulation and hats as they...
Your form looks pretty good in the pic Crafty! I prefer to the LOs a little higher, maybe.
I love my wipe warmer. I fill it with water or wipe solution and then wet my cloth wipes as I need them. What do you guys do? wait for the water in the sink to get hot? Or just use cold water? I lived in Japan for years and they don't use bulb syringes, just snot suckers. They cost about $5 and there are different kinds. They are all far superior to a bulb syringe. I still use the one I brought back with me! It's got a tube that goes from baby's nose to a chamber, and...
Yeah, I'm totally with the PPs on this as well.
My outgoing social butterfly dd1 was happy to run off into preschool without a second thought about me, but would often cry when I would come to pick her up, because she didnt want to leave :/
Baby Night gowns are awesome!
Those are adorable pictures! The Quilts is great. I wish I quilted!
Cardigan-C-sec recovery is hard. It takes some time, go easy on yourself.
Somegirl- my uncle has a house in San Gregorio! It's beautiful out there. My dh stayed out there when he worked in the FiDi last summer. It was a crazy commute, but free. I wish it wasn't so far. Dh would never go for it, but I'd live out there in a heart beat. The plan is definitely to take the Bart, provided they don't strike again! There is commuter bus that goes from Castro Valley through San Leandro and Oakland, then on to the city though. It's nice that the option...
1. Use a regular blanket instead of the sack (if that's what your using now), you may be able to get it tighter...or He might like an "Australian swaddle" (google it) as well. 2. They say whatever you are comfortable in, plus one layer. You can also feel his back- If it's cold add a layer, if it's sweaty remove one. 3. You can use breast compression (jack newman has great videos of this) to keep him nursing when he starts getting lazy while breastfeeding. It usually does...
New Posts  All Forums: